Avoid gladiator storyline in Saga of the North Wind?

I like most of Saga of the North Wind, particularly all the different ways to use the gods’ help, but I find the gladiator storyline a little slow. I’ve tried both tactics (wagons in defensive formation, use the river against the attackers) to defeat the slavers, with no success. And, of course, a religiously-devoted queen isn’t going to leave her shaman in enemy hands. Is there a combination of stats that will enable you to avoid Seramet’s getting captured?

I think it has something to do with the relationship stats, I’m not sure though.

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It is definitely possible, I wish I could check the code to find out though…

Based on my replays, having a good relationship with Drazha seems to be key to avoiding the mess, or at least to cutting it short. Not sure why, though.