Gladiators game

Hello there. I’m looking for gladiators CoG or whatever CoG that takes place in the Roman Era ( they may be WIP ). So if you have suggestions be sure to tell me.

Ps : English is not my mothertongue. Sorry for the grammars mistakes.

Actually you can just search the term " gladiator "
There are several gladiator games there

Champion of the Gods was interesting. And it’s not really a ‘gladiator’ game, but Choice of the Petal Throne was good too.

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Those came to my mind too ( due to their icons really ) but choice of petal throne was more like warrior game and champion of gods was more smiting-demons + warrior + diplomat type game

Take a look at Saga of the North Wind.

Saga of the north wind is a story based on migrants and their adventures it is a story in which you could take very diverse paths ( very diverse means VERY DIVERSE it is a game with lots of replayability ) and have diverse ending but considering the question - will it fall in gladiator category the answer is NO but it’s still worth a shot

I’ve already did that and I only found either WIP that were closed because of Dropbox or WIP that I didn’t love

Do you know that none of the links, in the topics you send, work ?:slight_smile:

It has a short spell in a gladiator arena…