Me and @shadow357 are starting a new game about a young boy and his adventures in Roman times. More information coming soon.


Quick question, is this game gender locked?


No, but I didn’t think of anything else to refer to the player as, @youwish12


“a new game about a young person (child?) and their adventures in Roman times.”


But yes, more information would definitely be good.

Also, is @shadow357 a member on here? His member link doesn’t seem to lead to their profile, or anywhere else for that matter.


@Shenari Maybe I should of said that differently. You choose your age, but it’s around 25-35


Uh. I didn’t notice that. Maybe they signed in with a Facebook or google.


It’s shawdow357, not shadow357. I have two w’s in my name, lots of people confuse that. :stuck_out_tongue:




Looks like it’s time for my debut. Go away Troller, I banish you! *shoots arrows*.


Whatever @TrollHunter. *bazoka blast*


Everyone must die! *giant blast of death energy*


I really hate to remind you guys of this but…
No rp-ing in the forum, you’ll get the thread shut down.


I’m a good troll, not the kind that causes everyone to lose their minds in a wave of annoyance. I’m the friendly kind that everyone can laugh about :slight_smile:


Or…am I?..


lets calm the bazookas and arrows so we can talk abut the game then! Will their be a choice of what kind of background we come from? i.e. Noble, Solider, scholar?


Exactly. You choose whether your noble or common, but it really determines what school you went to, because later in life you were elevated to “honorable commoner” because of your dads service in the army as a general. @God_of_Demonz


Details are still being worked out.


Will you be able to call on the gods for power if you are a schoolar?


@God_of_Demonz lol schoolar? i don’t think there will be any schools there so no schoolers :stuck_out_tongue:
anyways yeah @lordofawesomness that would be sick we could do that


@LordOfAwesomness can you become a gladiator? gladiators are awesome…