Gladiator (WIP, of course)


Sup guys. Excuse me if I’m somehow doing this forum thing wrong, if I should post in, say, the Off-Topic board first or generally if I’ve missed any spoken or unspoken prerequisites to be posting a notice for a new HG game, but I’m new.

Essentially, I’ve been developing a game revolving around a captured gladiator forced to fight weekly (or perhaps semi-daily or daily, I’ve yet to get to the first round, still revising and creating character creation and the ‘tutorial’, etc.). I’m making this game primarily to get me accustomed to the *choice coding and all. There’s a slight lack in plot (You’re a gladiator who must fight to survive), although I’m trying to make up for it in excellent combat mechanics and some side-plots, for example escaping from the arena and/or gettin’ some booty.

The gladiator arena is not set in Rome, although I more or less ripped off the coliseum aspect and renamed it “Urbatrix” (my reasoning is that the guy who built it was named Urbatrix). I like it so far, there are a ton of character stats and I’m implementing a full armor and weapon system and shopping line. For example, you’ll start out with some basic Leather Armor equipped with a Steel Sword and Shield.

As far as the stats go I’m making it similar to attributes in an RPG game, all the Strength, Charisma, Agility and all that good stuff.

I’m hoping there aren’t very many games that seriously orient around combat or in a gladiatorial kind of scene. From what I’ve played (which is about a third of the total Hosted Games/Choice of Games threshold), there aren’t. So uhh, yeah.

Oh, and to give a general gist of the environment, I’ll leak the first scene of the game.

The spiraling arena surrounding you roars with the screams and hollers of dozens of thousands of exhilirated occupants, anticipating the start of the battle with raw vigor. The stands and benches themselves seem to jump with life as thousands of men and women jump in synchronization with each other, adding to the factor of life in the battleground. At times you can sniff a small trace of berry perfumes and garlic-coated foodstuffs.

All this extravaganza is interrupted as a man donned with a full set of battle armor rushes towards you, his heavy feet stomping into the sand, sending an unquantifiable number of sand particles into the air, almost masking his charge. His greatsword is raised close to his chest, and it rises easily four feet above his head.

You steel yourself. You account for the impending attack and adopt a defensive stance, raising your weapon to shield yourself and angling your legs away from the transgressor. The crowd has become so loud that it seems your very soul rocks with verbal energy.

As the man closes in, you ready yourself as your
#Sword gleams with sunlight as…
*set htitle “Crescents of the Moon”
*set weapon_type “dual silver swords”
*set damage 80
*set hencumbrance 15
*set damage_type “slice”
*set HSpecial_Effects “Attack increases by 20 during nighttime fights”
*set HOther “Forged from supposedly mystical quicksilver ore during a full moon. Said to feed off of moonlight.”
*goto weapon
#Mace bashes across the wind as…
*set htitle “Rock of the Moon”
*set weapon_type “dual silver maces”
*set damage 80
*set hencumbrance 30
*set damage_type “bash”
*set HSpecial_Effects “Attack increases by 20 during nighttime fights”
*set HOther “Forged from supposedly mystical quicksilver ore during a full moon. Said to feed off of moonlight.”
*goto weapon
#Spear sifts through the air as…
*set htitle “Needle of the Moon”
*set weapon_type “silver spear and shield”
*set damage 60
*set harmor 60
*set damage_type “stab”
*set HSpecial_Effects “Attack increases by 20 during nighttime fights”
*set HOther “Forged from supposedly mystical quicksilver ore during a full moon. Said to feed off of moonlight.”
*set hencumbrance 40
*goto weapon


sounds like it would be interesting xD and it looks like you’ll have your work cut out for you :slight_smile: best of luck with that c: and just in case o.o if you don’t want to give away stat boosts or anything like that in your summary you can always show what the choices are but not what each choice dose.if that makes sense? (I say that because it looks like your kinda just showing us your coding instead of a teaser.?) but anyway best of luck :slight_smile:


Thanks kaz. I included the stat changes/boosts because I wanted whoever’s reading to get a hint at what kind of game the game will be like by showing a small portion of the stats.

And yeah, I do. I intend on the rough draft (that is, before proofreading, alpha, beta, extra revision and publication) being completed soon after summer’s end, although it’ll likely take longer.


anytime :slight_smile: ah alright xD

that’s not to bad of a time line xD and I wouldn’t doubt if it does take longer but there is nothing wrong with that xD so don’t worry to much if it does :smiley: that being said i’m sure you’ll do great :slight_smile:


Sounds interesting though I can’t truly make my mind up until I learn more about it. Just looking at the coding I agree with @kazizk with how much work you’re gonna be putting in. But I’m sure you’ll do fine and it’ll turn out great.


Would there possibly be an origin story choice to becoming a gladiator? Say, some for riches and glory, others for freedom or redemption?


Few questions:
-Are you going to implement classic 6 stats of RPG game?
-About combat. If above is true, then are you going to implement 6 choices in combat situations? And if you going to, will it be possible to finish the game as fully charisma or wisdom capped gladiator?
-About charisma. (I expect that would be stat that determines how much crowds love you) I don’t know if that’s a good overall choice. I guess that this game will be about being slave gladiator, so character main focus would be fighting, not being popular. I get that story in the arena could go either way, but I doubt that Charisma focused character would be a good gladiator.
-About world. Will it be just renamed ancient Rome, or you are going to create your own fantasy world?
-About realism. Are you going to base your game on real gladiators of ancient world, or create your own rules?


Thanks. I intend on keeping a lot of variables to keep the fight sequences interesting and new, and I intend on there being a lot of fight sequences. I might drop the ‘encumbrance’ though. Or not.


I haven’t exactly covered that yet, other than you’re a prisoner of war, and then given the ultimatum of a decision between execution/enslavement or becoming a gladiator (I chose this option because the gladiator must continuously fight for the story/game to be of any interest. Thanks though, I think I’ll flesh it out a little more.

-Not quite. Dexterity is one of them and I’ll probably include that in later installments (I intend on there being more than one ‘Gladiator’, hopefully). I got Strength, Endurance, Agility, Charisma and Intellect.

-No, not six choices every turn. I have a ‘offensive/defensive’ opposed pair which will save me a lot of time, but the base stats will come into play frequently.

-Charisma will mostly influence the story out of the arena. For example, lower costs for weapons/armor. Easier to woo potential romance options. Etc…

-I have – as of now – four official countries in the world of… Gladiator.
A. Mercure, a sort of collection of nomadic plainspeople with weak government.
B. Rhea, a Victorian England-esque kind of country that’s more or less the classic nation to any medieval game/movie.
C. Ultor, a steampunk-styled nation that focuses on innovation and ingenuity. It would resemble the prime of the italian renaissance, mixed in with some early U.S.A…
D. Drax, the place where the gladiator will fight and live. I’m going to try and make it resemble Rome, more or less.

-I’m going to try and make the gladiators as realistic and factual as possible, although I’ll probably end up remixing it.


This reminds me of that flash game, ‘Swords and Sandals.’


Hi there, your idea sounds great, I’d love to play a well-scripted combat game!

You might be interested in a free inventory system I made, I don’t know, since you might not have coded the entire game yet it might be easy to implement :slight_smile: It fits well with medieval combat RPGs since it has a shield slot. It’ll let you assign damage and armor values for different kinds of items, and you can factor those values into combat however you wish and add your own stat modifiers however you wish.


I’m also developing a more advanced system that has stackable inventory slots for items other than just weapons and armor, with 99+ “item slots” you can fill to your hearts’ content; it just requires more effort on your end. Let me know if you’re interested in this one and I’ll let you take a look at the code, it seems stable so far.

And let me know if you need help with any of that!



That’s actually one of the games that inspired my story, along with Sands of the Coliseum (another flash game) and Skyrim. Nice catch.


Not gonna lie, I do really dig the inventory system, even a bit more than mine. Although I have something I’d have to add/consider.

First, I need a sort of ‘encumbrance’ stat, which makes it so essentially the heavier the weapon/shield, the slower the character is (for example, every five encumbrance points takes away one point of agility and speed). Also, I’d want the game to actually recognize whether you’re dual-wielding, two-handing, or using a sword and shield. This is because I’d like to change some of the text (and possibly inflictable injuries) according to the character’s weapons, for immersability.

Overall, I think the system’s a pretty great idea. I’m not sure if I’ll implement the armor systen but I’ll most likely use the weapon format. Thanks.


Sure. The code is modifiable and I’ll be happy to help you draft up the checks to make certain the system knows if you’re using two or one handed. You can add weapon weights to count towards encumbrance.

One other thing about the more advanced system, it does include weights for every item, and even decimal points, so you can carry 10 x 0.1lb arrows and they would weight 1lb together, for example. I need to post it up I just haven’t created any documentation for it yet xD


Is there a story to it or just fight and try to survive and can we get scars and romance people in it


Sounds like it has potiential. My one tidbit suggestion wise would to not allow the player the ability to purchase arms and armor. From what I gather, the player has little choice in becoming a gladiator and having to fight.

An alternative would be to give the player an assortment of gear to choose from before a fight. However, you could have a favor system in place. So the more you fight, win, and gain favor from whoever is above you, you will have chances for them to bestow better gear and rewards.

Not sure of you ever played it but there was a gladiator game for the PS2. Colosseum: Road to Freedom. Basically, you were rewarded the more successes you had. Better room, gear, etc. I can’t remeber if you got to purchase your own gear though I know your fights gain money for your master and so you had a chance to win your freedom.


I played that game too in


If you need help on how to develop the plot, characters. world-building, I’m available.

Good luck!


this game is genderlocked ?



Sweet. I’m gonna try and adjust my current inventory and try and splice that into it.


The main story is that you are a prisoner of war and that you either must fight enough to gain freedom, or somehow escape. However, I fully intend on implementing multiple sideplots. For example, I have this idea where the blacksmith helps you to forge/steal/whatever a key.


Essentially, you win a battle, your ‘master’ gets a bunch of gold the other ‘master’ lost on the bet, and you get a small portion of that gold to continue surviving.



I’ll probably contact you on some of the characters, thanks. Catch ya later!


No, although cross-genders haven’t been implemented, you’re either male or female. I think I might add transgendered choices in later installments, if I get that far.


I would love to play this game! Awesome stuff, man!


Thank you! I’ll probably notify you whenever beta comes out.