What game should i make

im thinking about making my first game but i have writters block so any ideas?

i don’t got an idea but i would like to let you about a contest for new writers


try it out

first place is 200$

Gladiators- a lot of bloody battles, training options, fighting options, stat based results. Could, like the movie and have yourself sold into slavery and make your way to Rome, different races, weapons, etc.

Sounds badass

no roslyn i am talking about the contest i created O_O

@dreamwalkeri might use thatbut i got one that just came to mind so im thinking about
using your idea or mine

well there are already too many roman/greek games out there why don’t you try something new?

i think i will use mine. im just learning how to code any tips

Itachi I bet you couldnt even name 3, X_X I have only seen 1 other and it hasnt even been posted yet, and all timelines have been done on this site, but no one has done gladiators, im eager to see a gladiator game cause that has so much potential in itself

ok here you go:

legion of rome
life in ancient rome
demigods: rise of the fallen god

and there was this other one which i don’t know the name of

got a point, there are many roman/Greek games, but the same theme but up to date, sold in to the black market

@dreamwalker i like that. the one im thinking about is kinda a mob/gangster game

@ akatsuki9344 i have played all those and i think there are like 5 more

@chasemee i like that, could be fun, and the only one I noticed doing that is vendetta. Rise-of-a-gangster, mite be wrong

@dreamwalker i have seen that and mine is a little diffrent from his from what i have seen.

@ dreamwalker i found a way to use your story with mine.

Sounds intriguing

Although you seem to got your idea already, I just thought about another, not sure how it would go, but - cave man- set up your tribe, raid others, or trade with them, gatherer/hunter- become predator or prey, etc.

yeah i had my idea in mind but i thought about yours and mine and came up with some good stuff