Who would want a roman legionary based game

On a personal level i love reading the simon scarrow genre of roman legion books, and that sort of front line cut and thrust combat based story. Probably why i cnt stop repeatedly playing guns of infinity :wink:. I think it would be awsome to see a cut n thrust type, front line roman ere story as a choice of games based interactive novel.

My question is much the same as my topic description in that it would be interesting to know if my own opinion is shared with you awsome people?


I would enjoy seeing your work.

I would play the hell out of a game like that, seriously I’d be all over it the second it went up. I myself enjoyed the Infinity series so far and it’d be great to see that kind of style applied to a Roman era or Romanesque setting.

Go for it :wink:

I’d definitely be interested in one.

I would love a legionnaire game (I think there was already a legion WIP but it died) but you have to promise you’ll do a balanced view of roman expansion not all slave-trading rapists but also not all glorious liberators freeing people from their own ignorance.

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I would be interested in a game like that

That would be neat, But, It would take time, and research, aswell as the knowledge of what your doing

I would love to see a choice game like this in the vein od Lords of Aswick and Choice of Rome I think it was called.

It would be awesome to play as a legionary, I could be Russell Crowe in Gladiator!

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Not the Iron Guard ones, I take it.

@razdreg There is already a dead/dormant WIP callled “the 6th Legion”, check it out before making an own one.

I would love it a lot since I like the time period during Roman expansion and such.

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I’m interested in this game, will this be a standalone game or a series of different games like the infinity series?

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