Germanic Days Interactive Novel under personal development

I’m currently creating an interactive novel based on Caesar’s invasion of Gaul from a Germanic warlord’s perspective that sees the reader/player manage his tribe and balance powers between two noble houses and occasionally entering wars with other Germans, Rome, and others. I want to know how well this may be received, would you play it? It is currently at only 7,000 words including script, but I plan on moving faster soon.


I would play it!!!

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Sounds interesting I’ll try it when the demo

im in this seems quite interesting.

I think I would like that! My family is descended from the Germanic tribes, so I think it would be cool to explore a world from my past, so to speak.

And my family is also a descendant of some ruler not German from South India,so I like this type of games I might try it and Caesar is quite a story book character so I would lt if you bring some real story edge to it ,if there was none ie .

I would totally play it

please make. 20 characters

Absolutely! This sounds very fun and I look forward to its steady progress! :wink:

My standard question: Can you play as a lesbian?

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Lol, yeah, if play this game, since I’m more of a historic perosn than anything else :laughing:

This is not Breton my good lover of ladies.

Members of the LGBT+ community have always existed everywhere, we didn’t just pop up to annoy modern Christians :rolling_eyes: If the author chooses not to put it in that is their choice, I’m simply interested in knowing ahead of time.


I’m not denying that at all so please tell me why you brought that up. My aunts open Lesbian incredibly Christian involved with her church with her wife so I guess she is a modern Christian. I think we have two different views of modern Christian is. And two would be historical stretch to have a female Germanic warlord drawings Because there’s no recorded one during Caesars Gaul and Germanic campaigns. My Britannia reference Was lost on you apparently because there is recorded not often but there is recorded female warlords in Britannia during the empires a rule. Of course he took the reins of the tribe for the death of her husband.

You do know there were Germanic Queens and war leaders during this time-frame, right?

It is entirely conceivable that a mirror to the Alexander lover existed in the Gaul/Hispanic regions, even if not explicitly stated in Caesar’s own writings.

Edit: Based on your last post, you are unaware that the Britons were not the only people to have females lead during this time.

Well, I hope your further research enlightens your understanding of history,

Edit: [quote] Tacitus noted in his Germania that in “the nations of the Sitones a woman is the ruling sex.” [/quote]


I’m referring to Caesars campaign the offer you’re referencing to live during period good Emperors.

Sorry it took so long, I’ve been busy.

Alas, no. I made this with the charector design for Alaric that I had for some time.


Are you a welshperson? I know that name as welsh. I myself have origins in the chittenden.

Yes, the Germanic people did indeed have Queens and many people were of matrilineal organization.

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I know how that is…i always feel like I need a recount on having 24 hours, I think someone stole some :thinking:

Thank you for the reply, good luck with your story! :grin:

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Thank you for your swift and enjoyable response. I plan on adding charector customization in the next interactive novel I am creating.