COMING THURSDAY: "The Road to Canterbury," New Author Interview and TRAILER


Man, the 1400(s) was better. Joking aside, I can’t wait for it to come out. I NEED MY INTERACTIVE FICTION!!!

Two questions:

  1. Can I be female?
  2. Are there any ROs?

Otherwise, looks awesome!

  1. Every Choice of Games title is at a minimum playable as male or female. Only Hosted Games are allowed to be genderlocked.

  2. Yes.


Thanks! Forgot that CoGs cannot be genderlocked

Waaaitaaminuuute :thinking:

Oh, so CoG listed games can’t gender lock?
How about Hosted Games?

Yes, Hosted Games can be gender locked.

It’d be kinda unethical for them to answer as the game hasn’t been released yet and they’re not a the author :stuck_out_tongue:

According to the summary there’s at least 3: a knight, a squire and a traveler from a faraway land.
Here’s hoping there’s either more or the genders can be chosen because otherwise that’s at least two males and maybe one female.



I 100% didn’t read that properly, ironic considering the central focus of this community.

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Have you every played beta-thread bets? Aka: how long does it take till someone tries to sign up to a beta by responding to the thread?

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I haven’t but that sounds infuriating

how long before there’s a discussion of whether Jason’s included his email in the post/whether folks should be able to figure out the email address based on what’s been provided/common sense

I think the RaV thread scored all in a single post, didn’t it?


Aren’t we all excited for a brand new medieval COG title?!? It became apparent to me two releases ago that some people weren’t aware that when I post the author interview/trailer the game is available to play up to the free trial ending as well…so, you can play the first three chapters of this now as well, to whet the appetite before Thursday’s release:


It’s available in Google Play


Does gender make any difference in this game? I mean it’s nice to play a game in this era where I can be a woman but still bc of the era I’d assume that there are some extra text when I choose the squire for example to be a woman about how this is an unusual career for a woman or something like that.
Another question is the knight RO the dude who the squire works for?

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No it’s the squire you can choose their gender.

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