Need Artist for 'Legions of Rome'

I need a budding or experienced artist perhaps that may be here in the forum to help do some art for my latest piece of work ‘Legions of Rome’. The sneak peek scene that is available on the forums has pictures within but I don’t have the necessary rights to use them commercially if the project ever got that far.

I can’t pay you in a monetary fashion, but I will certainly credit you or we can work something out. If you even know of someone who could do some art for the book please list their name below.

It might be worth just noting how much art you need, what style you’d like it in and to what standard you would desire it :slight_smile:

I know several cases where someone might be able to draw say… Anime or Manga characters flawlessly, but they can’t get the gritty, realistic theme seen in say some video game concept art.


I will be needing atleast one picture every other slate or so on the main plot. Its hard for me to say at this point just how many pictures that will be.

As far as style it will probably need to be realistic looking gritty art done in a black and white medium, either with pencil or charcoal. The style and medium are not set in stone I just want it to be consistent throughout the story.

Here are some links to examples of what I have in mind:

I know some people who draw Manga’s and comical figures, but none of them can draw something similar to what you showed. I will still ask around if they know someone who have some time and talent to spare, but i can’t promise anything.


Thanks for your help an I understand. I would probably need art that’s not too terribly realistic but more like the first example above.