In need of a new artist

I am sorry to say I have lost my artist. Pale_Strider was awesome but has not wrote me back in weeks and I need to move on with my project(s). I have a long term plan, so will share in the sale and full credit for the artwork. I can handle the maps and items for the most part, but takes me weeks to draw a face. And them it sucks, lol.

I’m sorry to hear that. Pale_Strider does great work, but I also have not heard from him in a few weeks. I cannot help you in the art department unfortunately, but you have my sympathies.

I will be fine thanks @wolfwriter20 :). Just hope Pale_Strider is ok

So your looking for an artist for what demo? Ghost in the library?

Current game I am working on, started out as Raven’s Loft. It has changed a lot and currently has no name. Ghost in the Library is on hold until I finish this game, as a lot of what I have learned will translate to that game. I have five games outline a dozen more floating around in my head so will need someone that can draw dark and gritty, as well as light and fun, for long term. We were working on creating new races from the ground up, animal based but with over 4000 years to evolve. I still hope Pale_Strider comes back but will continue with the person that picks the project up. But can use him as well for additional projects.