I need an artist to become the illustrator for my book!

I am planning on having 8 illustrations for my book, each one depicting a key moment or important villain. I need an artist to draw the cover art, three witches, a wizard and bandits, a cave troll, a demon and a vampire, and I will pay you $75, and you will of course be cited as the illustrator of my novel. If you are interested, comment below! Thanks!

Have you tried asking on the deviantart forums? You may have better luck there than here. Although I know we do have a few artists around, most are writers.

I can personally recommend Werner Mueck…good guy, very versatile, very fair pricing.

din’t we used to have a amazing artist here i forgot his name but i know he created a game called tale of phil?? Did he leave?

Thanks for the advice, guys! @DaveDPF , I’ll look into that.

Would a moderator close this for me? I found an artist.

Did you go with Werner? I won’t take offense if you didn’t, I’m just wondering is all.

Yeah I did, and he’s amazing! Do you wanna see some of the rough drafts he’s done so far?