Cover illustrations/character reference pages on commission!


Hello! It’s a bit of a long shot, but I’ve been looking around for some art commission work and thought it might be fun to look into doing illustration (either for cover art or reference pages for characters) for some people on COG. I’m currently working on my own game, but drawing goes by so much faster. (#•̀ᴗ•́#)و

Here’s some of my art:

4 (this one is vaguely nsfw)
7 (also vaguely nsfw)

Is anybody interested? Based on what I already posted, I would charge between $30-$50 on a cover (I’m not really sure about reference sheets yet).


I really like your drawing style, but all the pictures here are bright and colorful and I’m more of a gloom and doom kind of person. (And my writing tends to be gloom and doom too.) Anyway, if I’ll ever get to a point in my current WiP (or any other for that matter) where I can justify getting cover art done I’ll surely consider your work. (Because I really like your drawing style. But with a bit more doom and gloom. Just because.)


It’s funny that you say that, because I tend to be a doom and gloom kind of person as well, but started using different color palettes to expand my options (and also because I got into a overly colorful, super saturated, hot mess kind of doom). If you do get to that point in a WiP, I’d be glad to talk it over with you!


Do you by any chance have some examples of the less so bright it hurts my eyes and more gloom and doom stuff? Oh, and that point in a WiP might still take a few months (and that’s a rather optimistic estimate), so ehm, don’t go expecting miracles, all right?