Freelance Artist - Illustration/Concept/Covers/Misc. Commissions


Hi fellow CoG’ers!

I’m a huge CoG fan and an artist who would love to work with the amazing authors here! It looks like most people’s needs are for cover illustrations, but I’d be happy to discuss any other artwork you’re looking for as well.

Work samples

I can work in a variety of styles - either lineart, painted, or whatever you have in mind. If you like a style you see in my samples below, we can work something out!

You can view my portfolio website here:
official portfolio site

You can also see my less official art-blog here: (warning, may contain occasionally smoochy fanart :stuck_out_tongue: )
my art on tumblr

…aaaand just for fun, the fanart I’ve done for other Choice of Games:
CoG fanart


Depending on complexity, cover illustrations will probably range $60-$100.
Character stuff would probably be around the $40-$60 range.

However, I don’t really have any prices set in stone and I’d be happy to discuss further depending on what you have in mind!

I will accept paypal or dwolla. Half payment upfront, with the rest delivered upon completion.


You can send me a PM through these forums or email me at

Thanks for reading!


I love your Choice of Robots fanart.

I was so disappointed to see

isn’t in your choice of games tag. That one’s funny!


Oops, must have overlooked that! I just added it to my CoG tag, thanks for the notice!


Heh! So I’m reading that image as Mark swearing, but the little robot isn’t, it’s calling us “Oh god” since we created it, and that’s amusing me.


Aw, I know it has nothing to do with CoG but Billy and Goodnight are literal OTP, so happy to see fanartnof them. You’re really good! I wish my artist had low prices. Mario why have you forsaken me (I’m too loyal to change, but we will see if he charges me 400 for a cover I might just skedaddle my butt over here)


could you post a pic of your fan art please as I am blocked from it?


Eh, blocked? You mean from viewing at work?
Sure, I can upload pics here:


yeah thanks, I was using school computers/ you-are-blocked-from-the-world computers as my Laptop was getting fixed (again) so…
anyway, your drawings are impressive.