Freelance Artist for Characters, Covers, Sketches!


Hi everyone,

I recently got into interactive fiction, and love the work coming out of this community! :heart_eyes:

Quick blurb about me: I was trained in classical animation and have always loved writing and illustration, but took a career detour into non-creative roles to make ends meet. Now I finally have more time devoted to making art, and would like to offer art services to any interested.

Click here for Artwork Samples

As you can see, my focus is on character illustrations, but I am happy to create environment art and maps as well.


We can work out pricing on a case by case basis.

Rough ballpark may be between $15 - $80, more or less depending on what you need. (Payment will be through paypal.) I will provide a quote once I have more details on your project. I want to try and keep the price as accessible as possible for everyone.

I am also open to work trades and non-monetary arrangements, depending on my workload at the time of request. We will work something out. :slight_smile:

Please send me a private message if you are interested. Thank you for reading through, and I look forward to the possibility of working with you! :smile_cat:


Oh wow! You’re really good at characters!


@FairyGodfeather Thank you for the kind words!


Amazing artwork! Hope you get a lot of commissions. I’ve already got an artist, or I’d definitely see about you making some illustrations for my gamebooks.


If I’d any money I’d definitely be tempted.

I did notice a lack of full colour illustrations on your examples page though. Do you do full colour?


@Samuel_H_Young Thank you so much! I really appreciate the thought :slight_smile: I’ll be around if you need anything in the future.

@FairyGodfeather I’m always open to trades when I don’t have too much work :smile: I’ve been thinking of making my own story/ project for fun, so will probably need help in that area. And yes I do full color! I love to paint, but recently decided not to focus on it because I wanted to explore images using just tones. I’ll make sure to update this thread with full color art once I get that going again.


Oh dear! That’s so very tempting.

Alas I’ve still not managed to get any of my own projects finished and I’d feel awful asking for art for something that isn’t done. I’ve art on the brain at the moment since I’ve been messing around with dollmakers trying to make my characters since my favourite one is GONE! and I’ve no skills of my own.

I do like what you’ve done with tones and I look forward to seeing your new full colour pictures.

Choicescript is fairly easy to pick up, (once you get over the initial difficulty hurdle) and we’re all too willing to help you with your own story/project! And we’re happy to help with any difficulties you have too.


I’d just like to offer up a compliment on your artwork. You have a very good intangibles factor to your artwork. By which I mean… even though it’s rough in certain ways- like a speedpaint crashing into a detailed illustration, it’s very likeable. The use of color is also- an aspect I have to praise. Doesn’t need to be full color for what you do have to add to the artwork. I’m an artist m’self, who hasn’t done any artwork in a long, long time (I prefer writing). In terms of skill, I can both see ways you can improve, and see that you have (from those you posted a few years ago to those you posted recently). The most recent is absolutely wonderful- it’s at a level I’d love to see for character illustrations. Perhaps because I almost always worked with pencil, the black and white I can make more sense of in my head artistically, by way of artistic process. Like… being able to better read the boardstate of a game one plays often as opposed to a new game.

If you’re still around when I finish my game, I have a cover-art in mind I’d like for it. That’s likely to be a few years, though.


@FairyGodfeather Aww thanks for being so welcoming, it means a lot. I’ll do my best with choicescript! Maybe after I make an outline. Will definitely keep an eye on the other topics :slight_smile: (And no need to feel bad, if you get further along or have ideas in the future, feel free to PM me!)

@Shawn_Patrick_Reed Wow, thank you very much for such a thoughtful and detailed comment. I’ve always been too impatient with finishing my pieces so they tend to turn out a bit rough. I’m happy that overall you find it likeable :slight_smile: There’s still much to be improved on, so I will continue to work at getting better! And you’re absolutely right with the black and white - it’s a great way to focus on the image (at least for me, otherwise I would be distracted with splashing pretty colours around and calling it a day.) Anyway, thank you again. I plan to stick around, and will do my best to be here in a few years :smiley: Good luck with your game! Looking forward to reading it.


Hey, just in case you didn’t see it, I think we’re still interested in seeing more portfolios.


@RETowers Thank you! Yes I’d noticed it and sent a message + link to Jason :slight_smile:


I hope that was an email. :slight_smile:


Oh yes, an email! I didn’t send it through message here :blush: