I would like to make illustrations for your cog!

now, i’m sorry if i do something awkwardly here–while this is not my first post, it is my first topic.

so, with that out of the way–
i’ve wanted to post something like this for a long while, but only recently have i felt confident about doing so. i’ve noticed i work a lot better when i have a starting point set by someone else, and since i would certainly enjoy doing more things like that, i’ve decided i ought to make the leap and create a topic here. i’m well aware that this is the professional services category, but i don’t consider myself a professional and it is more convenient for everyone involved if i work for free.

for some examples of my work, i feel these two images are most accurately representative of my usual style:
[1][1] and [2][2]
and, while i am hesitant to post this third as i don’t remember who the character belongs to, it is also my best work outside of portraits:

i am rather more experienced with portraits, as you can see, but i’m more than willing to attempt other things. that’s part of why i’m doing this–to broaden my horizons. as i have a style right in between cartoony and semi-realistic and am comfortable with both, i would also be happy to try anything that tips the scale towards one or the other.

artists usually state what they’re not willing to do at this point, but i’m somewhat flexible on this. it might be inconvenient for others to not know my exact terms, and i’m very sorry for that, but i honestly don’t have enough experience to know what i would and would not like to draw.

i will say that i am likely to refuse if you’re wanting me to–as a rather extreme example–illustrate every single possible scene in your game, or something along those lines. i’m very hesitant to do so as i simply do not have the attention span or free time for that kind of commitment. i would be more than happy to draw a few character cards or portraits or environments, but i’m just not able to do much more than that at the moment.

i’m sorry if some of this doesn’t instill great confidence in my ability, but i feel being honest about it is the least i can do.

right, then–if you are interested, feel free to send me a message to work things out with me! please do feel free add a bit about your game’s themes, tone, and general plot. it helps me immensely, and i would really appreciate it, particularly if you’re asking for a cover request. beyond that, telling me anything you feel i should know is absolutely encouraged.
[1]: http://i.imgur.com/Bm8GzrF.png
[2]: http://i.imgur.com/T6Dtc19.png
[3]: http://i.imgur.com/cvEJEmS.png


I don’t need any art but I just popped in to say that your art is amazing!

I really like your style, How long on average does it take you to finish a portrait?

thank you very much!! that means a lot to me.

that depends on the scale and level of detail, but usually a few hours, say 3-6. a day or two is the most it’s taken for me recently.


About how much compensation do you usually want?

i don’t! i do this work for free.

i’m basically one of those fabled artists who are willing to work for only the promise of being credited. this is because i quite literally cannot be paid for services i provide over the internet, at least not in a hassle-free and legal manner. my country does not have proper support for freelancing at this time.

Wow! You’re quite talented, I really like the blend of semi-realism, the second unfinished drawing was my favourite weirdly enough. I’m definitely interested in taking you up on this offer!

… people on this forum are ridiculously sweet. thank youuu! i am quite pleased with it, myself, but that is mostly because i’m proud of having used a trackpad for all of it. i’ll be looking forward to a word from you!

I’ve actually been lurking around the internet looking for someone to commission for a cover but a lot refuse art for commercial use. It’s not definite, but I really love your art style, it’s wonderful. :slight_smile:

i swear i’m going to melt if i receive any more compliments. thank you all so, so much.

i’ve certainly seen artists refuse to do commissions for commercial use, but i had no clue it was so common. hm.

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I’ve never seen somebody melt before, could be fun.

Your art is really nice, you have a lovely style :blush:

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Oh my god, you’re really good at this! I would love to see more of your work.

Wow…someone who can draw people AND works for free lol. One of the fabled unicorns of the artistic world :smile:
On a more serious note though, if you want to do free commissions, have a look at some of the art trades happening on deviantart. I’ve been really slack and not done any for ages, but they can be a lot of fun trading art rather than money.

If I ever finish anything, I may contact you about cover art if possible, but take that with a grain of salt as it probably won’t be for a while and I still may not complete anything. That’s one thing I can’t really provide on my own, so I normally look for photos that are free to use. That sort of thing and I have no drawing ability at all.

That said, I’d feel bad asking you to do it for free, but I unfortunately can’t pay anything. So unless you’re positive about giving away your work for free, what I’d honestly suggest is offering to do work for ‘cheap’. So, you’re not asking for much, but you’re still getting something aside from the enjoyment of working on a project.

At least that’s what I did when I was trying to make it as a freelance editor. I tried to set a low price in comparison to competition.

If you don’t want to be paid you could always do a work trade. The guy who did my cover did so in exchange for me writing him a game. It never got finished sadly as he vanished from the Internet.

a huuuge thank you for all the compliments. i really don’t know what to do with myself, you’re all so nice!! i greatly appreciate it. um, i’ve got a small album up for all of you who want to see more. there’s not a whole lot of variety, and i really should say that a few are overpaints–not to worry much, since the ones i posted are mostly only similar in idea. i haven’t just put up someone else’s work with slight changes. they are all my work, but for the above reason i have not used them as actual examples in the original post. doesn’t feel right.

@P0RT3R not for the one doing the melting!

for the nice people who brought up alternate methods of payment:
i would love to do a trade at some point, i’m just very bad at… knowing what to ask for, i guess. i’m kind of boring and silly, and i’d be a little worried my own art wouldn’t be up to standard.

i would like to offer commissions for money on the cheap, but as i’ve said it’s not feasible to transfer any amount of money in my country. but, even so, i’m absolutely fine with working for free. this is something i want to do, as i feel it’s a good service to provide. trust me, half the work i’ve done lately has been for nothing more than my own enjoyment and to teach (said overpaints were for critiques, which also require a lot of writing work).


I love that picture of the dog. It’s amazing. (Guess what my favourite type of dog is). :dog: :wolf:

ayy, labs are pretty great! i don’t think we have any in my country though B(

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@FairyGodfeather, is it the Basselope? The rare breed which government military plans revolve around?

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Your work is beautiful!! And I would love to have you make me cover art. How can I start this process?


thank you very much–you can start by sending me a message! i only ask that you make it clear what you’re wanting, and–if you can’t send me your actual game at this point–that you summarize your story and its themes and tone.