Artist ready to help :3 (Fully Booked at the moment )

Hi there , I have been playing games from Choice of games and Hosted Games.I really get deep into the stories , I feel like I`m living inside the world of the story These awesome athors have created My most Favorite games among them are:

The Superlatives :Atherfall
Versus series
Samurai of Hyuga (I love this series so much :smile: )
Zombie Exodus
and many others…

Anyway Fan girling isn`t why I am here. I really love these stories and want these people to keep sharing their creative worlds with us. The thing that pulls me in most, like any book,game ,cereal box or any other product is the front cover.

So I want to help , Heres what I can suggest to help with , I am an Illustrator & Concept Artist who works in the industry.

I would be happy to help with any illustration or concept work to make the story of the game come to life. My fee is nothing really just $5 , think of it as buying me a cup of coffee or lunch. I can do both stylized and realistic pieces.
Anywho heres a link to my protfoglio to anyone whos intersted:

also if you want to contact me,ask questions talk more on what you would like chat or voice you can find me and add me. heres my nickname: RagingMunkey#5019

Dont wont to take much time on your hands . Keep creating amazing worlds with engaging stories. Thanks for stopping by and I hope to see you soon.


Hi there, I just wanted to stop by and say that your illustrations are AMAZING. Really, probably the best ones I’ve seen around. If I ever find the time to actually write anything (not much hope there), instead of just imagining stuff, I’ll let you know. Despite that, congrats one your jaw-dropping skills, which become even more impressing because you manage to draw stylized and realistic, most illustrators I have seen around here are really good at one, but never at both.

Good luck. :wink:


Wow, those are some incredible illustrations. If I didn’t already have an illustrator for my works, I’d definitely consider contacting you. I’m sure you’ll get some authors interested in your work, though, because these are very impressive. Good luck!


Oh my goodness, this is incredible!!! And guess what! I’m looking for cover art for my WIP. I’ll drop you a message :smile:


Then again…I have been thinking about having character portraits in The Magician’s Burden. I’ll shoot you an email.

Hey guys , 1st and foremost thank you for those awesome comments you guys rock. I know it been not too long since i posted this, but I came back for a good reason because I forgot to add that my nickname RagingMunkey#5019 is for discord . Forgot to type it in whoops. So dont hesitate to poke me :3


Throws money at screen TAKE IT!


This is epic, you deserve a lot more than $5 for an illustration like that, lol.


Very impressive indeed and definitely worth more than $5. I’ve already got brand new cover art for UnNatural but if I come up with later projects I’ll drop you a message.

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That’s awesome lad. You’ll be drowning in demands soon ! :wink:


Hey i’m making a game and as a broke student this seems really cool, especially considering the professional quality of the art.

I’m probably not going to make a request anytime soon because I’m only 4% into the game and have exams, but later on I’ll totally check this out more!

I was originally just thinking of having an icon, but at such a low price now I’m considering adding a lot more!

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I’m going to agree, your art is amazing :smile:. Welcome to the forum btw!


You’re the chosen one :o


This is great! I will definitely be wanting to do this if at all possible! I shall send you a friend request and hopefully we can talk more about this!


So, after having Ragingmunkey work on a character illustration for my story “The Operative” I have something to say.

proceeds to throw various currencies at computer screen, when I run out I change to candy

Long story short? Do it, commission an illustration by Ragingmunkey! They act professional and very kind and flexible to what work you need done. They also have a wonderful creative process giving sketches to give you an idea of what they can make it look like, but letting you choose or change the sketches before fully bringing life to your character.

Honestly can’t thank her enough! :smiley:

10/10 will return to her for more illustration commissions!


Hi everyone how’s it going ? I have some unfortunate news. Due to business issues and a schedule full of work, I will have to terminate all the freelance commission of this post and all that have requested work from me . I apologize truly but my schedule is really being torn apart as we speak. But have no fear because I will return hopefully by the end of this year. Thank you for all who have considered working with me with really cool projects.


Hiyaa everyone, how you doing? :slight_smile: I have returned back with an update on my work. I have been away from a freelance for a few months to deal with my main work and improve on my craft. Heres an updated version for my portfolio for you guys to check out.

Freelance Commissions will be open again on beginning of October. So feel free to leave a message for me through my email thank you and stay awesome :smiley:


Glad you’re back! That’s a beautiful portfolio.

Can I email you now and nab you before anyone else does!? I loved your art for The Magician’s Burden and would like to work with you again.

Seriously beautiful work! I’d love your opinion on Life Simulation game cover designs. I’ll be looking for an artist once my game is finished…but honestly, don’t know what kind of cover to give it.

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Thanks glad you like it :slight_smile: yeah send them over i wouldn’t mind giving a critique.