~ALEXSHU~ Illustrator for your story

My name is Alex (aka. Alexshu), I’m a freelance illustrator and a great fan of Choice of Games!
It would be a great honor for me to be able to help you create the perfect cover and overall art for your story!
I am well versed in character design and I am working hard to become a concept artist as well.
I am skillfull in both traditional and digital mediums. Here’s a little sample of my works:

You can see more of what I do in here:

Hit me up if you are interested, either thought my mail (zamoraalex1794@gmail.com) or by instagram DM’s.


I lurv your art style! I will definitely be hitting you up once my WIP is closer to completion.


Hey thanks a lot! I’m looking forward to work with you! :grinning:

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Hi all, I just wanted to say that Alex finished my commission recently and I’m seriously so impressed with the work he did. I strongly recommend working with him - he provides absolutely phenomenal art and he’s a joyful, wonderful person to work with during the commission process. :slight_smile:


I just saw your instagram and I have to say, I am rather impressed wuth the art. I may contact you for some commissions should I need them.


Absolutely! Feel free to contact me whenever, I’d be more than happy to make some art for you!

And thanks for the compliment, it really means a lot!


Hello! I updated the post with some of recent artworks, in case you are interested in checking them out! I’m still availiable for comissions!


If anyone does look at this post and is wondering if they should hire Alex for commission, I would definitely say do it! They are very accommodating and super talented! It was lovely working for them and I will definitely be going to them in the future if I need more cover art done. Thanks again for the work, Alex!


Thank you so much! It was a pleasure to help you with the art for your cover. It was a really fun project :smiley:

And if anyone is interested, I am available for commissions right now. Feel free to reach out! :blush: