Looking for an artist

My writing partner and I have spent the last six months searching for an artist that could do a cover for our novel, but have not had any luck. So, I’m taking a shot here.

If you do digital art and/or paintings, and are interested in a job, here is what we need:

  1. Someone capable of designing and producing a front cover image, as well as a back cover image, for two people who have no clue what works and what doesn’t. Neither of us is very visually inclined, and my attempt at “showing” an idea of ours to a relative who halfway draws led to half an hour of cackling from them. Seriously, you’ll be dealing with two two-year-olds as far as art is concerned, so we need someone who can give us ideas as well as the actual art.

  2. Despite everything stated in #1, we are more than happy to give you idea of the novel’s plot, characters, and anything else that would help you figure out what to draw.

  3. Whether you do actual paintings or digital art, we’ll need a copy in digital format to provide to the printer.

  4. I’d prefer it not to cost an arm and a leg, but we don’t expect it to be cheap, either, especially if it’s greatly detailed (that said, we aren’t paying a ton of money for a blank page with our names on it!).

  5. If you were willing to create a custom font for us, we’d be willing to pay for that as well.

Anyone who is interested, please either PM me or post on this thread. If no one is, thanks for listening, anyway!


I don’t know how you guys feel about this idea, for me, I generated some assets using Midjourney AI (best one to generate images out there), fixed a few things I could myself (I have some photoshop skills), then looked up on fiverr artists willing to work with pre-generated images (there are people offering this kind of gig) and asked them to touch up and fix the weird parts of the image (AI generated images always come a little weird). In the end it was a lot cheaper, and honestly the only reason I’m going to include image assets in my game.

You need a paid subscription to Midjourney to use the images commercially, but it’s only $10 for a month.

A few tips I can give:

  1. In Midjourney you can change the aspect ratio of the image by adding --ar #:# to the end of the prompt, for example, --ar 4:5 which is the ratio I used for the character portraits. I used 16:9 for the cover.
  2. Be smart. For very complicated images, try generating parts of it individually and then put them together with Photoshop or somesuch.
  3. Before generating images take a look at their gallery and learn from other people’s prompting techniques. Getting the AI to generate what you want is almost a science in itself.

Thanks for the advice! I’ll run it by my buddy. He’s worked with Photoshop some ( I can’t do it to save my life), so he might be good with this if we can’t find anyone to do the art.

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