I am not artist


I am trying my hand at the art for the game, and could use a little feedback.
This is a female elf the player can choose. Its not top art by any means, but would it be good enough that you won’t mind the game because the poor quality.


Its pretty good, use a bit more black around the edges, but leave the bottom eyelid and mouth light, and a good tip my gramps taught me is never draw anything faceing you,
it makes your pic look more dramatic.
her neck is a little wide, but porportion is hard, make stick men with balls for joints, then add pipeing.
My mantra is a drawing is never done you just stop working on them.


@Pale_Strider thank you very much for the advice. I figure I will get better, have 49 player choices to make, and 200 monster, plus all the back drops.

Not sure what you mean never draw anything faceup, the rest of it I do. Thanks


@Lordirish I think he means looking at the camera, so to speak. Shift your subjects face slightly.


@Lordirish, I think @Pale_Strider meant to not make anything looking straight forwards (don’t make the face appear as it is looking at you).

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Thanks @Pace675 and @AlexCosarca


Yes never draw anything facing you.
Use there eyes to look at you.
Don’t give up if you need any tips feel free to ask.


Lol what I need is an artist, but I will keep at thanks I will ask when I get stuck.


What do you need to draw?.


Are you going quite art-heavy with this then?


@CJW it will have pics for every scene and monster but I would not say it is art heavy, as the pics display 200 by 200. It just adds flavor to the game. I really do not have anything ready but will post a link to what I am tinkering on. It is not playable just testing the lay out and I still need to add more to it before I even make it playable.

@Pale_Strider I need 49 pics on 4 differant races, 6 males 6 femals of each race and one just for quick random generation. Then I have 200 monsters I am creating. There’s a lot on my todo list lol.




So like 274 pics give or take.
That’s a lot of work, but it can be done, you should see my room papers everywhere.
It adds up after a while.


Lol I am sure I have only done one monster and one elf so far have 12 pages of art, can’t wait to see how deep it is going to get around here by the time I get done.