Looking for artists (Blood Hunter)

Looking for an artist that can do the following:

  • Anime style
  • Colored
  • Horror theme
  • Extremely graphic blood and gore
  • Corpses in various states of dismemberment

My story is about a character who fights monsters and I’m wanting to have a picture shown of each one. There will be about 5 - 7, with a big title card at the end. I’m willing to pay $125 per picture, paid out upon submission of individual picture.

You may pick the order in which you complete the pictures, and there isn’t a strict time limit. Though I would appreciate monthly updates.
Message for details.


I specialize in the anime style, but not quite sure if my art is up to the standards you’re looking for. Will PM you more details. :blush:

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Are you sure? I know the best-earning HG titles can make that back with ease, but for at least half of the label’s releases, it would take you quite some time to earn back the money you’re outlaying for art here.


Wouldn’t ask if I couldn’t afford it. I’ve got a paying job that can cover it pretty easily.

Besides, all the game has to do is make about a hundred dollars a month over the next couple years in order to make money back.


Speaking of blood hunter, where is the thread for it? Can’t find it anywhere on your profile. Did they hide it?

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It’s in the Adult Section, you need to opt into the Adult Reading Group to see it.

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Before you go outlaying hundreds of dollars in artwork, I’d suggest talking to cog about whether it will be allowed to be published (either by HGs rules, or the app store’s with that sort of art as I don’t think any currently published games have anything like that in them. You may have problems in particular with apple if the stuff is particularly graphic? I don’t know exactly what their rules are.)


…that may be a point.

@moderators Would pictures of graphic blood and gore be a problem?

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I will let those who can speak to the publishing side of things field this one, but as a guess, I would think yeah, that could be an issue. Guess it depends on how graphic “graphic” is.

Was recently informed via email that my graphic violence was not appropriate picture art for a game hoping to be released on Hosted Games.

So nevermind.

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Would you still be interested in non-graphic art for the game? I personally know a good 3D digital artist for characters, etc.