Adding Artwork in a Choice based adventure game


so hi everyone… I wanted to ask this question since I plan on making a game, just for the fun of it, and I wanted to place images or like my drawings in it like character designs for the npcs but I’m worried it might break the immersion of the audience… thoughts?


I did that for Wizardry and I know a few others have as well. It’s fine as long as you don’t overdo it with pics on every page. I’d suggest not having pictures of the MC though, especially if they’re highly customisable. If you have pics of characters, it’s often good to have them earlier rather than later IMO. I find it really jarring to build up a mental image of someone and then have a pic show up that’s nothing like I imagined.


Ohhh that makes sense and is a really good idea! thank you :smiley: and also hahah thats really true! thanks for the advice :slight_smile:


did you mean something like Caught In a Reverie and Y U G E N ? :grin:


I confess, I haven’t played those games yet… But will try to rectify that as much as possible :smiley: are they in the app store?


sadly… no, its still a WIP :sweat_smile: but you could play the demo (you can decide the MC apperance) and some of the NPC have a picture of themselves…


Ohhhh! no wonder i couldn’t find them in the playstore lol XD thank you will do! :slight_smile: though i usually stay away from WIPS because if i get too attached id bother the thread lol but thank you for reccommending will try to check it out anyways :smiley:


you’re welcome :grin: and i really looking forward to see your game :smile: good luck :crossed_fingers:


Thank you! i really hope i dont dissapoint then ^^ though it might take awhile… im still new at this hahaha! but thank you so much for the encouraging words :slight_smile:


just take your time, you are doing it for fun anyway, no need to stress it out, if you didn’t enjoy making it, no one can enjoy playing it as well :grin::+1:


Thats true! haha and thanks for the encouraging words! really helps with the motivation :slight_smile:


Check out my almost finished highway wars WIP, it had a few illustrations and maps…


Ohhh!! will do thank you :D!


You can also add an option to turn images on or off, either at the start of the game or in the stats screen. I’m gonna do that for my own game (this is not yet in, but will be in the next update)


That seems like a really smart idea! Thanks!!!