Pictures in game?

Right, so for the current game I’m writing I was thinking of maybe adding pictures of people and landscapes and seeing them in the game as well as stats. HOWEVER it would take quite a while to make decent ones, and I don’t know whether people like them enough for me to go through the trouble of actually doing it. SO, feedback would be helpful! Do you think I should do pictures, only a few or none at all? Cheers! :blowfish:

pictures would be nice, if there are in the same theme as each other so not like one is a HD picture and the other one a drawing etc.

I thought about having pictures in my game as well but ultimately decided against it.

  1. It would take time out of writing to create the images and I think that time is better spent allowing for more choices.
  2. Portraits would be nice for other characters but I didn’t want to detract from the picture the readers develop in their heads for the character (like when you watch a movie based on a book).
  3. My artwork is shoddy and commissioning artists is expensive.

So I went with expressive text images for the chapter titles and that’s it.

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maybe a map or two would be useful, but besides that, the imagery should be left to the player.

My soon-to-be published story is comic booky and I really wanted to include a few images so I broke down the story into multiple “issues” (basically just chapters), and included a faux comic book cover at the start to each issue.

I know some folks want their imagination to govern the NPCs’ appearances but let’s face it, character descriptions are included in the narrative so images are just an extension of that.

And people are visual learners. Images can help readers keep mental track of characters, especially if your story has a large cast.

So I contracted with a forum member who produced high quality images for a reasonable price. It can be done.

EDITED TO ADD: my icon is an example of the art I purchased. Pretty awesome work I think.


I agree. If the pics have a similar style they can be a nice adition.