Y U G E N 幽玄 [Demo - 21/09/2017] - Updated

Author’s note
Since Caught in a Reverie is soon reaching it’s beta testing stage, I have been writing this as a relaxing exercise whenever I take a rest from writing CiaR.

Will start actively writing this once CiaR has finish it’s Beta test, but for the meantime, I will keep writing it whenever I take a short rest >w<

I am of Japanese descendant so writing things about the folklore is very enjoyable for me :heart_eyes_cat:
I realized there weren’t much Eastern based fantasies here, and I hope I could share some of my culture and heritage with many of you through this story as well. >www<

You were born with the special abilities to see spirits and Yokais. The Imperial Army has been gathering those who have these abilities to serve
their under Emperor. Your mother, not wanting to lose you, had kept you hidden as best as she could for the most of your childhood. Until the fateful encounter with a
young Samurai who served the court. Your secret was discovered and your mother sentenced to death as the act of hiding your talents was considered treason.

Your training as an Onmyouji started in the Imperial Castle.

Years after, words got out about your talents, and the Youkais now needed your help.
You then discovered the world beyond living was different from the stories you were told. Not all Youkais were monsters.
These Youkais now needed your help to find out what’s been triggering them, what was turning their friends into ruthless monsters.

Featuring Ayakashi of Japanese folkores.

Would you be the most powerful Onmyouji in your time or find peace for those who had lost their way.


Demo has reached 43k words.
Don’t be afraid to voice out any more ideas or things you would like to see in the future

Next Potential Release on ----- maybe 02/08/2017

Romance Interest Teaser

Characters Sketches


'Tis too short for me to make a statement so far, but I like the idea. Interacting with monsters in a human way is a fascination of mine.

Also, as someone who’s not intimate with Japanese, what is an Onmyouji?


Corrected it for you :smile: Remember: Yo Kai is always spelt apart, I know it’s a minor thing but still…Oh well never mind just me correcting things that don’t need to be corrected.
And I think it is Omniyouji, but I’m unsure unless you made it up then your correct. See, I have a serious direction issue road, so sorry…please forgive me :sweat:.

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I’m sorry cause in Japanese Youkai is one word TwT and I don’t think there’s an English translation for that other than monsters or demons xD I also did a wikipedia check and yes, it’s one word xD Onmyouji is also the correct way of spelling :slight_smile:

Onmyouji were specialists in magic and divination or to translate to English would be an Exorcist.


Yeah sorry, I’m being dumb by correcting the correct thing, I should check first I know I’m sorry…


I love Japanese mythology so this already has my seal of approval. If you put a gashadokuro in this then I’ll prob just kiss you (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ


This sound totally confusing and bat crack crazy.
I love it already. Very interested in how it will continue.

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this is interesting xD. i’ll stick around with this one too :grin:

found some typo : The woman kept her gaze her me, curious.

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I cant wait to see the full demo it good :grinning:

Considering the circumstances of our…recruitment, can we be a jerk ass to both human and youkai (and probably to the Gods as well if you’re feeling suicidal)? Please?

I can already imagine my MC saying " I never asked for this " in some point in their career when confronted about the way they act and use their power. :smirk:


Welp, they’ve sealed their fate. Lmao


“You were born with the special abilities to see spirits and Yokais…”



Yes, a yo kai watch fan! Who’s your fave yo kai? Mines the 8 tail Fox!

This seems interesting so far and I confess that the word youkai catch my whole attention, since I love Japanese mythology. I hope you out some nekomatas and kitsunes or even youki onnas in the story. :slight_smile:


Which gods are we gonna be an aho to? There are like 8 millions of them xd


I don’t think we’ll be able to talk to all of them, so it should be the major ones, or those that is relevant to the plot anyway.

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Yeah ik, it’s just a saying. The Japanese believes that everything has a spirit/god in them so the Shinto gods are collectively prefers to as “8 million gods”. That’s why sometimes Japan is called “the land of 8 million gods”. There are yokai called Tsukumogami which are actually spirit/god of a single object


Thanks for the info, I already know that Japanese worship many Gods, but I didn’t realised it was that many.

Since there is a god for everything, why be picky? Let’s be an aho ( it’s feels weird saying “aho” when that means “stupid” or “fool” in nihongo) to EVERYTHING

8 tails? Isn’t it usually 9 tails?


Yeah I was making a pun, a bad one, about aho sounding like a-hole. I’m surprised you know what it meant :smile: more specifically aho is a kansai-ben variation of baka. It’s usually considers a bit harsher than just baka.

@Nathan_Morgan: actually 9 tails would be less common than 8. The longer a kitsune live and the more power it accumulated the more tails it would have. So a 9 tails would be really old and powerful.