WIP: Guilty Crown

 For years the realm of Duran has known peace, and felt the embrace of prosperity.  Once a shining beacon, Duran now finds itself reeling while famine and death spreads uncontrollably.  As desperation for change grows, so too does the anger grasping at the peoples hearts.  The kingdom lays crumbling, and blame must find a place to rest.  It doesn’t take long as your mother and father, the queen and king, find the ire and suffering of the nation to be something they will not escape from.

-Escape your families’ fate.

-Find your path, as you are taken in by a rag tag group of misfits. Build your character as they face the struggles and danger of daily life.

-Seek revenge and attempt to reclaim the throne, or attempt to restore Duran to its days of glory.

-Restore your families name.


Can’t wait to read about it

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Don’t wanna ba a thorn in your side already but an anime has the same name as that, just to let you know. I don’t know if that will be a problem or not.


Thanks for the heads up, though I don’t foresee that being an issue

When do we get descrion and details

Why make a thread if you have nothing to add at the moment? :blush:


Never been one to follow the proper order of things :imp:


Hopefully they won’t get annoyed at you for it. Although copyright laws can be very weird in places.

Honestly I thought this was GC fan fic by the title xD

The idea though does sound fun. Even though I doubt we will be doing any ruling.