Video on story?


The prologue of my story is about half way done. I’m pulling out all the stops for this hahaha I feel happy! :smiley:

I’m also in the middle of my honors ceremony I can’t believe I’m posting this, tomorrow ill be a professional Pharmacy Technician :smiley:

So anyways back to the question. I putted a few videos on my story to sort of help the readers see, to kind of give a sense of what’s happening on the scenes that are very hard to describe.

I was wondering readers, if anyone of you would think of it as a distraction or would you just skip it or watch it?



I might check them out but as long as I had the option to skip and it did not hurt the story by skipping then I see no problem.


Are the videos videos that you created yourself and own the copyrights to?

I would think videos are a distraction. I find that sort of thing draws me out of the story. However, if it’s something you want to do, you want to try a different way of telling an interactive story, filled with different media, I can’t see why you shouldn’t.


No, but since this is a for fun project only and it kinda turned into a fanfiction from my point of view I thought it be okay.


If it’s just for you and your friends then it’s likely okay. But otherwise, you shouldn’t.


Agreed with the others that it would be a bit of a distraction and I would mostly like wish to skip it, perhaps watch them after playing the game through.

And congratulations for you!


Video on story? What? You mean “Video about the story”? Sorry. I’m confused. Is it a title?