Need some opinions on my story

So I’ve been absent from this platform for a while, sneaking in an out occasionally. But with this time I have re done my story countless times. I believe this will be the last one for the near future. I can’t decide on what way to go though.

Should I:
A.) Stray from the main plot and take a slower time to lead up to it and add more present choices that affect player stats/creation


B.) Put in a backstory choice that will allow for quicker main plot development, and not elongated character creation

I like both ideas so I need the communiti s opinion.

  • Choice A
  • Choice B

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I’m actually fine either way. To me, the most important thing is don’t let us lost in the dark (yeah, a bit of backstory works :sweat_smile: ).

However, if you can jump the readers into the funsies, why not? Just make sure you have the tool to let the reader catch up with the world and the background.


Entirely depends on the story. Would need more info :slight_smile:


It’s hard to answer this question, since I haven’t seen the story you have so far. I don’t know if the story is really slow paced and takes too long to get to the actual plot, or if it dives straight into the plot without any character development. I think I’d need to have an idea of how the story starts and what it’s about before I could decide.

Am in agreement with this. Sometimes it really depends on the pacing of the story itself.

Ah okay, I’ll go with my gut then and hope this 473883747 version will finally make me happy lol. It’ll be up soon… I think

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