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So. I am comeing out with another book soon, perhaps in the next 2-3 weeks or so. The MC does not know the descriptions of the 4 RO’s, till a decent way in. My question is, would you rather I put the descs in the first post, or otherwise meta it, or find a way to put it into the game? MC Doesn’t really care about descs, but. Well. You lot do. So. Thoughts/suggestions/ other stuff is apretiated.


I never cared for character descriptions in posts. I’d rather find out as I play. I’m not sure if it’s a thing people really want or if it’s a thing every author does because every other author does as well. :man_shrugging:


I kinda agree with @cup_half_empty

I think for me it’s better to find out their all abouts while reading it than spoiling it in the first post., but still, you can add a very brief description or background. However, I suggest if you want to add it, just make sure don’t spoil them to much like if one of the RO’s will come out as an enemy and you stated it there, some players will avoid this character than to interact with him or her. I hope I make my point clear as crystal does. Good luck by the way. :smiley:


For RO’s I like to be able to see their descriptions in a relatively soon place after I meet them, otherwise I do not pick them for fear of them not being my type. With other characters though, I don’t really care when I see their descriptions.

As for me, I actually NEED to have simple description - physical AND behavior - in the first post.
While this may not be true for some other types of games, I play these “interactive books” among other things FOR the romance. And considering I play a lot of these games - both finished and WIPs - I have to control myself a bit, and I do so by checking out not only what’s the game about, but also who are the ROs. If I don’t see anyone interesting, I’ll just skip the game altogether, more often than not (exceptions CAN happen).
So yeah, I know I probably wouldn’t play at all without RO descriptions. But of course, they should be spoilered or something, considering in game they don’t come until after a time.

I understand the reasoning of some other people, about prefering to get to know them organically in game, but that’s not for me. Besides, I actually have some physical traits I really don’t enjoy in characters, not to mention I always imagine the characters pretty fast if they are not described, and often very vividly. I would always be frustrated if my favorite character as far as personality goes looked NOTHING like what I envisionned, and even worse if they were a combo of various traits I don’t like.
So yeah, best for me to know what they officially look like from start.


Right now? There are hints as the physical descriptions in the first signe of the game, through a third party. Other stuff I’m going to let the player find out as the MC does. Might put a blirt of physical description in the first post, just to get everyone on the same page…
Tell you what. Should put p the first and second signe in the next 2 weeks or so. Have a look, and tell me what you all think. If you want more detailed physical descriptions in the first post? I can do that. If not? I can do that too. MC does find out what each person looks like, it’s just. 1? It’s, as it stand now, after you pick the RO/LO, you want to romance, and 2. From the MC’s point of view, physical description, perhaps apart from hight, and hairlength, possibly? Isn’t that big of a thing, and will be treeted, since this is a first-person, accordingly. Though, all descs, after you find them, will be in the stats page.

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