Does anyone imagine a soundtrack for their story?

I’m a bit embarrassed to admit it, but I’ve developed in my head a bit of a soundtrack for my story inspired by the characters and the setting (crappy superohero training program in a community college in the middle-of-nowhere Nebraska) and I’m wondering if anyone else has done the same?

I’m Gonna Be Somebody - Travis Tritt
Caravan - Van Morrison
I need a Lover - John Mellencamp
Fields of Gold - Sting
Suspicious Minds - Dwight Yoakum

I’d be interested in hearing other folks’ soundtracks, or even if you just have one song that you think perfectly fits your story, I’d like to hear that too.

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I think the soundtrack for Trial of the Demon Hunter is what I envision. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Sam, you are the only person who can answer that way.

I will just insert a note in CCH suggesting, nay demanding, that the reader play these songs on YouTube during certain scenes.

So I’m not alone when I imagine a soundtrack for these stories after all! :stuck_out_tongue: Well generally it depends on the type of scene. For instance in Choice of Rebels when the harrowing is about to happen I play the song Riot by Three Days Grace. But in another scene perhaps in the middle of the death of a beloved character the song Mad World by Gary Jules comes to mind.

In the beginning of your game where your character first enrolled in school the song Remember the Name by Fort Minor plays in my head.

Hehe. :stuck_out_tongue:

I will try that out whenever CCH comes out. And you can provide instructions for which songs go to which chapter. xD

Those are some fitting and good songs, man.

When I’m reading Choice of the Dragon, I listen to Death by Demon Hunter.

Sam having music playing while reading is critical for me. Every scene deserves its own song sometimes it’s slow and sad sometimes it’s fast and angry. That’s the main way I become my character in these games.

In Professor Downfall’s class/test the track, Pleasures of Combat from the Bleach OST, always seems to pop into my head.

Yeah, I agree. I have music playing no matter what I’m doing. xD

Just recently I heard a song called Saint James and it has come to be my go to song when remembering the death of a character who’s viewed as bad but you liked. Prodigal is the closest I can think of that fits that description.

Edit: I have happy music playing now lol

Okay I have to YouTube these songs I’ve never head of now.

And it goes without saying that my first soundtrack choice would always be to steal the one from Scott Pilgrim.

When it’s a scene where an important/attached npc dies, I get Five Finger Death Punch’s Far From Home playing in my head

Large action scenes is when Indestructible by Disturbed is played

And goofy/comedic I usually have Chemical Romance going through my mind for some reason

German you get bonus points for the first two songs :stuck_out_tongue: never listened to the last band though.

Theyre a punk rock group

Also the Saint James track you mentioned earllier is from my favorite band avenged sevenfold. If you like that, try their Save Me bonus track from the Nightmare album

I also enjoy listening to music while writing. It helps me suck into the fantasy world I write about. Here are some of the tracks I kept repeating while I was writing The Path of Light:

Forgive me father, I have sinned - by Cradle of Filth
The death of love - by Cradle of Filth
Your betrayal - by Bullet for my Valentine
Waking the demon - by Bullet for my Valentine
A little piece of heaven - by Avenged Sevenfold

Now that I am writing the sequel, I think I am getting older and some of the above seem to me a shade too heavy. Here is what I listen to now:

Victim - Avenged Sevenfold
You will know my name - Archenemy
Russian roulette - Rihanna

There are few others, but I keep repeating these more than any other.

I like to write my own music. I wrote the music for Demon Hunter (parts 1 and 2 so far), for @Samuel_H_Young and I’ve composed music for Blackraven. I just wish I knew how to set it so the music comes on at a specific scene…

And a little bit of music for Kepler! Yeah, syncing tracks to certain scenes would be epic.

Maybe discuss that with @jasonstevenhill as a possiblity in a later update?

I think it’d require more non-CS coding, but if I can still do it, that’d be awesome.

My ENTIRE stories and ideas are based on music
It is possible to make music play at a certain moment and also to make it stop and you probably know who knows how to do that

Well think about it. We can add pictures ingame by including them in the folder and adding a command. Put that same logic with music clips that would respond and end at certain points after a page_break or scene change. Then again i have no clue bout coding and this could require an entirely different process