What songs inspire you to want to Write?

Not the same as what you imagine when reading but similar.

Makes me want to write an epic battle.

Makes me want to write racing/vehicle combat driving scenes

Ah, makes me want to write dorifto.


and other long movie tracks (“Coward” “No Time for Caution” “Imperfect Lock” - Interstellar, “Sea Wall” - Bladerunner 2049) or video game tracks (Kirby and Dark Souls)

Sometimes, I have a scene in mind and try to find a track for it

(for a surveillance/sniper scene)

Dive into the “related videos” rabbit hole for more stuff in this genre. It’s endless. There are so many.

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All of them…:sweat_smile: I’ve mentioned this elsewhere but for almost any song I hear, my mind races a million miles a minute creating a scenario or story for it that just has to be written down.

Without fail, though:

Not to get sappy, but it pretty much encapsulates everything I enjoy and want to put into a story. Having an outlet, a little world to escape to, a world for you, when you really need it most is what I want to create for even one person like other works have done for me. And it makes me dream of fairytales-esque endeavors without fail.

Oh yeah, this too

This gave me an idea that I’ve been mulling over for two years now.

Some junky lo-fi radio when doing free writes (lol), but for focused writing?

Happy tunes with all the vibes I need. It’s pretty jazzy too, so it amps up my mood like nuts.

or for intense scenes

Skip to The Beast for heavy beaattssssss. Megalo Box fights are everything for me, and the music is such a hit for me. Revs me up anytime.



I really love the piano, if you’re wondering.

That is a beautiful song, thanks for sharing.

When I write I want long hours of music, so these are where I go to oftentimes:

Adriaan von Ziegler is a saint, his music can give me an outlet and I feel wrapped in a blanket of fantasy and history. Anything this man makes is gold and he is a precious human being.

Now that I am talking about saints:

Hildegard von Bingen is another person whose music is made of the most beautiful sounds and words. This woman was amazing, her life story is intriguing as is her music, in my opinion.

Another fabulous list of songs. I adored the music more than the game itself, which was good as well, but still… The music just makes me so tranquil.

And the few times I am not in the mood for any of the above I listen to the radio live stream of ChilledCow:


Way to many to name them all, but here are a few that have been inspirations recently:

Good inspiration for dreamy, slightly sinister, slightly off, but not immediately dangerous sorts of feelings (and was used for such in Hotline Miami)

Inspires a lot of different scenes and feelings in me (was used amazingly as Hotline Miami 2’s credit music)

Sometimes if I’m not looking for something in particular or if I am just looking to not switch songs for awhile, I’ll throw on a musical or concert or opera, recently its been Don Giovanni.

The pathologic soundtrack has been very important to my current work.

Music is a huge inspiration to me generally, and I could fill this thread with thousands of links!

EDIT: Throwing one more on here, the band Kaizers Orchestra has been a source of writing inspiration for over a decade.

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Epic Scale Fantasy.

Well designed story arcs.

Epic conclusions and well balanced back stories.


Urmurgurd, you also listen to Adrian von ziegler? Ajzvjdvdks that’s fantastic. :heart:

Let me recommend “Misha Mishenko” to you. His compositions are very calming and can really help you get into that calm thinking mode you need when working on outlining a story, or just setting the mood. “BrunuhVille” also have some good pieces, but they’re slightly more dramatic than I like them to be.

These three are the ones I listen to the most when I want to get inspired :smiley:

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Hah, that actually made me laugh <3

You have fantastic taste, darling <3
Which one of his works/songs do you adore most, if i may ask?

The moment I have the time I am going to listen to those artists you recommend, I am very curious now (as you can probably imagine).

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I love making playlists for each project, it helps me get into the zone!

This is my playlist for Blood Money. Lots of Dishonored, a bit of Dragon Age and various film and TV soundtracks (Hemlock Grove and House of Cards feature prominently), mostly instrumental sinister sounding music. I could see Tall Man as an opening credits track.

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Ah, forgot to add this one.

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Why, thank you! :grin:

Gaelic Earth is one of my favorites, it always puts me in a good mood. Callirus is a good one too. Ancient storm is perfect when you’re planning on writing something dramatic (so is Rise of a Kingdom by BrunuhVille).

…It’s actually so hard to choose just one. Why u do this to me

But if I have to pick only one, it would be “Orgins” from the Moonsong album. My favorite album, however, is the Gaelic collection. :grin: :two_hearts:

I hope you find something to your liking whilst listening to BrunuhVille and Misha Mishenko! I actually played through The “Child of Light” collection, and found some pieces really good. “Final Breath” was beautiful tbh. :heartbeat:

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*Insert evil laughter * …Ahem, whatever are you talking about, darling?

So, now over to the serious part:


for this gem of a composer. Today was honestly the first day I had time to listen to Misha. In fact I am listening to his album Metanoia right now. And this is the stuff I need whenever I write. I adore it. I cannot thank you enough.

BrunuhVille will come next, but right now I just want to listen to Misha’s work.

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well this one is getting me hyped to write ! WOOOT! (and ton of coffee of course lol)

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These are the two songs which have made me want to write an epic multi-era Star Wars version of Westworld (Warsworld?) as a possible future fanfic…

Oh and this one made me want to try writing a Doctor Who/Marvel/Star Wars crossover CYOA where the Tenth Doctor, Spider-Man and Luke Skywalker (basically my three fav heroes in fiction) crossover into each other universes and hi-jinks ensure and… I might be a tad too ambitious with these things… :smirk:


GAH! You killed me with the first two! GIMMEEEEEEEEEEE MOARRRRRRR! :rofl: