What songs inspire you to want to Write?


I cried with nostalgia in the second one :sob:


Oh, goodie! It’s always nice when you find those kinda pieces. I’m glad I could help with that :grin:

That album actually has a way darker tone than the others, I feel. I still like it, though (’:


Oh yes, it certainly is dark. Dark and gloomy are genres which I crave.

Another song which I often have on repeat whenever I write or read something with ‘dark tinted pursuits’ in it:

Though let’s end this comment on a merrier note.
A lot from the game Life is Strange are also songs I like to listen to whilst writing.

And another long compilation of Indie/Hipster songs:

I have no idea what I would do without music.
I shall stop my rambling, but before I do: I hope everyone has a great day.


Ever since reading 1Q84, I’ve found the Janáček Sinfonietta does the trick.


I think I’ll stick to songs that inspire me to write in general.