Writing and Music

I play a lot of music while I write so I was wondering what you guys were listening to? Most people in my last thread said music was their biggest inspiration-- Quaintrelle posted some really cool stuff that I really enjoyed! Hence this thread! Hahaha.

Right now I’m listening to Gabor Szabo while writing Beast in the Castle. It’s kind of jazzy, which I’m typically not into, but I like the guitar. I’ve also been browsing eerie, atmospheric playlists on 8tracks like this one.

I keep talking like I only ever listen to music that matches my writing, but I had this weeby shit on last night… Actually I think I’m going to listen to this some more lmao…


I listen to everything from harp ballads to rock guitar solos… it really depends on mood and what I’m writing. Generally speaking, harp music is my base type while creating in the beginning and the other stuff is for editing and re-writes.

Strangely piano music interrupts my writing, so that is the only type I really leave out.

Music works best for me when i don’t have to think about whats playing and even better if i can’t sing to it. so i have a station on pandora that i play based on Lindsey stirling’s wonderful violin music. but i’m also a sucker for the band seether.

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Lol what a mix!

I have an app called White Noise that lets you download different backgrounds, like rain, crowds, medieval towns, etc, and if you create a mix you can lower the volumes and layer sounds to make a decent soundscape. The cool thing is that it doesn’t make you only play it’s on audio, you can play Spotify, audio books or any other media app over it. It’s the best way to listen to audiobooks in my opinion but also would work if you want to have some white noise underneath your music, maybe for inspiration.


I used to, but after reading Stephen King’s ‘On Writing’ I stop. My performance does improve.

Isn’t she, like, the HARDCORE violinist?

I didn’t know that was a thing! I mean, I knew not writing with music was a thing, but I didn’t know it was supposed to improve performance.

I’m not a professional by any means, though, and I enjoy my music too much to give it up.

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Everything from filk, that is fill not folk though I do like folk too, to techno. And yes Lindsey Stirling is very awesome.

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I have to agree with @555sarin , I find it way easier to write without music because I always get distracted