Most anticipated HG WIP?

For me, WIPs that i’m REALLY super excited about are

Wilhelmina by @fidere
Fallen Hero 2: Retribution by @malinryden
Guenevere by @jeantown
Vendetta: Rise of a Gangster by the badass @Vendetta
Seven days in purgatory by @Sel_Lee
Mass Mother Murderer by Samuel_H_Young
Keepers of Fairfort by Chelon
3150 Dahlia St. by Wormwood Stories
Villain: The Catalyst by @ToxicDreams
Yugen by the majestic @Ros_e
Pelottomia Susia: Mercenary for Hire by the amazing @GoldenSilver
A Drop Of Night by @Ylva
Princess of Swords by RobberBaroness
The Lure Of The Gallows (which is highly underrated) by Erin Faust
Witchwood by @Babisko
Arcadia: second born by Sofia_D
The vampire regent by Nerull
Donor by Elena_H

Can’t wait till they finally release the official completed game! (plus i’m placing the links here, so i can keep track of my most favorite and highly anticipated WIPs as of now so i will be adding more and more and edit some of them out as time goes by as some of them would have already be in the HG or COG line up)