Pelottomia Susia: Mercenary for Hire (WIP) (Updated 12/27/2017)



Hi all, I have read the stories here for quite some time. After a while I decided to try making my own game. First of all, English is not my native language, so let me know if there are things wrong in the game.

This is the first time I’m trying to write any sort of story, but I used to be a programmer some time ago, so at least I think in terms of code the game should work without bugs (I used quicktest and randomtest very often to debug it).

Play the demo here:

So, what is this game about?

Set in the modern era, you are down on your luck. No money, no life, no way to pay the bills anymore, no future.

You head to the bank to ask for yet another loan, and you have a lucky encounter with one man who can change your life.

He’s a mercenary, a soldier of fortune, a killer, all of those things. After you prove yourself to him, he offers you a chance to be one as well. With the way things are going, what other choice do you have?

A journey around the globe with death, friendship, regret, wealth and more await you.

Warning: The game has intense language and violence, you have been warned.

Play as male or female, transgender options also available.
Straight, gay, bi or asexual options available as well.

Characters (careful, contains spoilers)
Companion 1 (Male)

Recruited in Mission 2.

FULL NAME: Ivan Maksim Fyodorov
DATE OF BIRTH: 04/17/1958 (Aged: 57)
BIRTHPLACE: Voronezh - Voronezh Oblast - Russian SFSR (now Russia)
RACE: Caucasian
HAIR COLOR: Black / Dark gray
HEIGHT: 185cm (6’0)
WEIGHT: approx 93kg (205lbs)
PROFESSION: Ex-Soldier / Unemployed
SPOUSE: Ekaterina (deceased)
OFFSPRING: 1 (Anastasiya [29])
LANGUAGES SPOKEN: Russian, English (basic to intermediate).
Romance option: Yes. Females only.

Ivan is a veteran from both the Soviet Afghanistan war and both Chechen wars. On both wars he distinguished himself for bravery and skill, receiving several awards.

His personal life was shattered ever since he lost his wife, Ekaterina, in the Moscow Theater Hostage Crisis in 2002. Currently he is estranged from his daughter, Anastasiya, who lives in Seattle.

In the 2002 siege, during the final moments after the gas was pumped to the theater, Ivan fought against some of the perpetrators, including a suicide bomber, to give time for other hostages to escape. Eventually he fell uncouncious to the gas, as did his daughter and wife. Both he and his daughter survived the gas, but his wife did not.

Due to the gas released by the Russian forces in 2002 and the extreme use of force in the Beslan school siege in 2005, disregarding hostage lives, Ivan has become very critical of the Russian government.

Since the early 2010s, Ivan has drifted across Russia looking for whatever job he can perform. His benefits from past awards have been suspended due to his criticism of the government.

Despite his age, Ivan is still in good physical shape and mantains good combat proficiency.


Due to his experience in 2002, Ivan dislikes when innocent lives are harmed, and during hostage situations he prefers to try to rescue the hostages safely, even if the perpetrators escape.

Ivan is also known for liking big guns and vodka.

Awards received during Afghanistan war: Order of the Red Banner (2), Order of Glory 1st Class, Hero of the Soviet Union (1), Order of Lenin (1), Order “For Service To The Homeland In The Armed Forces of the USSR” 3rd Class.

Awards received during Chechen wars: Order “For Military Merit” (2), Cross of St. George (1).

Awards received during Moscow Theather Hostage Crisis: Order of Courage (1), Cross of St. George (1).

More spoilerish details:

Estranged from daughter because they got into a heated fight and argument about her being a lesbian. Has since overcome his prejudice, but is too regretful of the way he treated his daughter. Wants to make amends but despite being a brave soldier, he has yet to muster the courage. She now lives in Seattle with her girlfriend, an American soldier.

Companion 2 (Female)

Recruited in Mission 3.

FULL NAME: Aigul Magjanova
DATE OF BIRTH: 12/29/1982 (Aged: 33)
BIRTHPLACE: Astana - Kazakh Soviet Socialist Republic (now Kazakhstan)
RACE: Asian
HEIGHT: 174cm (5’9)
WEIGHT: approx 69kg (185lbs)
DISTINGUISHING MARKS: Mild to severe facial burns
LANGUAGES SPOKEN: Kazakh, Russian, Arabic (very basic), English (barely)
Romance option: Yes, for both male and female players.

Aigul is a previous Kazakhstan Special Forces from the Arystan Commando Unit branch. She did not participate in any wars, but did several secret missions and assassinations for the Kazakh government.

Her father was a squad leader during the Soviet Afghanistan war, he was killed in action in 1987 when the Mi 24 he was with his squad was shot down by an American Stinger rocket. Only a single member of the squad survived, Ivan Maksim Fyodorov, who was fighting on the ground against Mujahideen forces.

In 2008 the apartment Aigul and her family lived in was engulfed in flames. The cause of the fire is unknown, but Kazakh government states it was a faulty air conditioner system.

More than 27 people died during the fire, including most of her family. Only her and her brother survived. She was left with burn marks on the left of her face, near the ear. Her brother was severy burned, he now requires constant medical care, which is expensive.

After the ordeal Aigul became a devout Muslim and adopted a life of natural asceticism. She does not work for the army anymore so it is unknown how she obtains enough money for her brother’s care.


Maggie now dislikes her previous work as special forces, and after the fire she became a more compassionate person. Wears cyan clothes on most occasions (her favorite color); which covers the burns near her ear.

Very shy, loves kuurdak, likes charity, admires AR-15s, hates fire.

More spoilerish details:

Rival assassin, main enemy of mission 3. Targets Companion #3. Works as an assassin to pay for brother’s treatment. Despises herself for it, especially because of how good she is.

Awards: Order Panther 1st Class.

Companion 3 (Male)

Recruited in Mission 4.

FULL NAME: Mitchell Woodward
DATE OF BIRTH: 08/03/1987 (Aged: 28)
BIRTHPLACE: Miami, Florida - United States
RACE: Caucasian
HAIR COLOR: Light brown
HEIGHT: 180cm (5’9)
WEIGHT: approx 71kg (156lbs)
PROFESSION: Police detective
Romance option: Yes for both male and female.

Mitchell is a natural from Miami, Florida. His father was a police officer in the city since the 70s. Mitchell was left fatherless after his father was killed by a serial killer in 1998.

The loss of his father drove Mitchell to become a police officer, likely to found the one who killed his faher. It is unknown if he accomplished so.

He has gained fame for being a vigilante, putting most criminals in a coffin instead of bars.

Mitchell is suspected of being somewhat corrupt, as he often has deals with organized gangs to leave them alone in exchange for information on more brutal criminals, such as killers or kidnappers.


Likes pastel suits. Dislikes letting villains getting away, or live. Likes luxury. Perceptive.

More spoilerish details:

Hires player for mission 3 and 4. Currently investigating a KKK group operating in Miami; the group has ties to some US Government members. Mitchell found evidence the group is targeting african american populations; they are currently procuring something from Brazilian drug dealers, he hires the player to find out what it is.

Companion 4 (Male)

Introduced in mission 4. Recruited in mission 5.

FULL NAME: Cristiano Fontecchio
DATE OF BIRTH: 05/12/1973 (Aged: 42)
BIRTHPLACE: Cisterna di Latina - Italy
RACE: Caucasian
HAIR COLOR: Dark brown
HEIGHT: 183cm (6’0)
WEIGHT: approx 74kg (163lbs)
OFFSPRING: Confirmed one, whereabouts unknown.
LANGUAGES SPOKEN: English (Fluent), Italian.
Romance option: Yes, for male only.

Cristiano comes from a family that was left poor after the Second World War. The city they lived in, Cisterna di Latina, was the ground for the Battle of Cisterna. Nazi Germany was the victor this battle, losing near to 400 soldiers, while the Americans lost over 700 personnel. Much of the city was destroyed in the fight.

The city was rebuilt in the 70s, to which his family returned. Earlier into Cristiano’s life, his parents died of natural causes, leaving him alone. His father however, had ties to the Italian mob as a minor informant, so Cristiano was adopted by the mafia when aged 9.

Cristiano eventually grew to become a respected member in the syndicate, being assigned as the personal bodyguard of the Capo, Don Egidio Lionetti, and his daughter, Rossana Lionetti. He was also assigned as the personal bodyguard of Egidio’s wife, Silvana Lionetti, until she died in a cable car accident in 1998, caused by American fighter jets.

The Lionetti family is quite influential in Rome, where it has its roots. Important members are known for their extravagant lifestyles, usually travelling to wealthy tourist destinaions such as the Caribbeans, Miami, Dubai and several others.

As a reserved person, little is known about Cristiano’s personal life, it is known however that he fathered one child, but the child and spouse’s whereabouts are unknown.


Attentive, reserved, distrusts police because of Omertà. Likes loyalty. Distrusts Americans. Indifferent towards luxury.

More spoilerish details:

Has a son with one night stand he had with a woman; pressured by other Mafia members to do so. He is gay but never acted on it because it was considered unacceptable by the Mafia. He watches his son from a distance when he goes by his day to day life; never having talked to him once.

Companion 5 (Female)

Introduced in mission 4. Recruited in mission 5.

FULL NAME: Rossana Lionetti
DATE OF BIRTH: 05/12/1988 (Aged: 27)
BIRTHPLACE: Rome - Italy
RACE: Caucasian
LANGUAGES SPOKEN: English (Fluent), Italian.
Romance option: Yes, for both male and female.

Born to an influential father in Rome’s mobster family, Rossana is entrusted by her father to be his successor when he dies; however she does not wish so. Loves her father but dislikes being sheltered due to her father’s concerns that she may be targeted by rival crime families.

Her brother is a more interested candidate, but has fallen out of favor with his father because of his aggressive and vindictive nature.


Distant but can be persuasive and manipulative. Doesn’t want to have an empire made for her, and wants to seek her own things instead.

More spoilerish details:

Has a bad relationship with her brother because he wants to be the next leader of the Mafia. After the death of their father, he goes on a rampage to destroy all other rival families. Rossana is caught in the middle, unsure if she wants to help him or not. Her brother hires the player to help with the elimination of the rival families.

Companion 6 (Decided by player)

Introduced in mission 6.

FULL NAME: Avtomat/Avtomata
GENDER: (Chosen by the player when met in person. Is transgender)
DATE OF BIRTH: Unknown, likely around 22 years old from what can be described.
BIRTHPLACE: ??? - Pacific Ocean
RACE: Pacific Islander
HAIR COLOR: Dark Brown
Romance option: Yes



Curious about the world; naive and energetic. Wants to accompany the player to learn about the world. Remarkably skilled marksmanship.

Cell overseer (Decided by player)

Properly introduced after trial missions are complete.

FULL NAME: Aminu/Amina Maduekwe (Known by nickname Loviatar)
GENDER: (Chosen by player when met in person)
DATE OF BIRTH: 07/23/1991 (Aged: 24)
BIRTHPLACE: Lagos - Nigeria
RACE: African
Romance option: Yes

Interested in computers and technology since young; was studying in an university in Lagos before being injured. Suffered from a terrorist attack where parents died, was paralyzed from the waist down in the attack.

Hacker with great skills; has a leadership assignment and cannot participate on missions directly.


Gives information on missions. Oversees mission progress for the group. Doesn’t help in missions directly but communicates with the team.

Cynical and lonely; can still be protective to keep those under their responsibility safe. Prefers to communicate through text.

More spoilerish details:

Took a personal interest in the player because their first mission involves another disabled person (Bethany); eager to see what the player will do in the mission and if that will motivate the player more. Later hires the player themselves to stop terrorism from harming others in Nigeria and meets them in person to debrief.


As for updates, I’m not sure how frequent they will be, I’ll probably work on this daily but the assignments are quite long, so it depends if people prefer the whole chapter to be available on the update or are okay if just tidbits are added in frequent updates.

I’m still unsure how the combat will go, still need to think on how to set it up honestly, for now I just did it simple for the prologue to see if people enjoy the premise of the game. The game should be pretty easy right now.

I’m open to adding more choices to react on situations, just let me know your suggestions and I’ll see the possibility of adding it in. More classes are welcome too, I have ideas for several, just not sure how to distinguish them from each other much attribute and skill wise. I also want to expand the religious options, however I need more research first, but having someone who adheres to a religion be interested in helping me out would be appreciated.

I’m also still thinking on what way the attributes will better affect your skills, but haven’t come to any solid ideas yet.


1 - Is there romance in the game?
There will be, yes. But I don’t like it popping up too soon, so it will hopefully be blooming more in the middle or late part of the story. Some characters will be romance genderlocked, others will be more open. Playing as transgender will not affect your romance possibilities.
2 - How many assignments are planned?
I have at least about 9 ideas, I may have more. I also intend to make sidequests for companions.
3 - Can I take companions on missions with me?
Yes, only one though. I was pretending to be able to take 2, but it would be way too much work.
4 - How many companions are planned?
Right now, about 4 or 5, but there can be more.
5 - Can companions die?
Mostly not. Usually just on their recruitment missions or on their sidequests, but not on the missions they accompany you. Some companions may not be interested in working with you based on how you do their recruitment mission though.
6 - Do actions marked with [?] affect my morality stats or relationships?
No. However, if it branches into another action or counter-question, those will affect morality stats or relationships.
7 - I have questions not covered in this FAQ
Feel free to post them below.


2017-12-27 - Sniper and persuasion methods added. I recommend high persuasion and high firearms if you attempt these. Chapter 1 Epilogue finished. Minor changes to other chapters. Inventory system and combat system added. (not in the prologue robbery)
2017-12-06 - Part of chapter 1 is now playable, added Hindu religion, Other minor changes to past chapters. Still have to test if the gun shop is working properly.
2017-11-26 - Fixed reported typos and glitches, added save plugin. Adjusted formatting and line break for some scenes, made other small modifications.
2017-11-25 - Fixed small problem with the game detecting if Oliver was injured or not.
2017-11-25 - Demo posted

Law-Abiding Citizens (WIP) -- Updated 23/08/18 (HUGE HIATUS)
Most anticipated HG WIP?
Law-Abiding Citizens (WIP) -- Updated 23/08/18 (HUGE HIATUS)

I really like what you have so far. Keep it up! :+1:


I like it so far!


I’m a doctor.


Ah thank you, I see the error now. I have corrected it. The error only affects his response so it ain’t nothing serious.


I got really immersed in the story, so even if there were a lot of typos, I only found 2 (?)

And this

I Also like how this was worded!

Though my grammar isn’t the greatest, so I may have made a mistake… (Which is why I use Grammarly…)

If I made a mistake, I apologize.

Anyway, I might say more later…But for now, I have to say that this is really interesting!!!

I will be following this thread!!! :grin:
(I Also looked at the code, and I now admire you…'Cause there’s a lot!!! IMO…)


I really like it so far :smile: it was very interesting


I love this, I can’t wait to go all metal gear solid on the mission :+1:

Also the entire time I was waiting to get Fulton extracted but this worked too


Thanks for the positive feedback everyone! The prologue is a little bare bones for now, but I will be working on a meet up between Oliver, Carter and Debbie in a pub before you set out for your new journey. (as long as they survived)

I think I will be uploading the updates on the chapter 1 as I progress through and code each assassination method.

Try googling some of these and the “creepy” message you received, and you may find out where they came from :slight_smile:

Also, thanks for noticing these typos, I have fixed them.

Also if anyone is interested, there is an exclusive backstory for North Korean characters, which comes up when Carter is asking more about you. If you guys want to try it out, the family option you set there will be important in the future :wink:

Just did a quick update to fix reported bugs and also I added the save plugin, I haven’t tested it out so let me know if it’s working.


I played through it again to test the save slots…And it works! :grin:

Also, I forgot this… (?)

Don’t know if it’s a coding error, since I never got that?

And about the messages, they all link to “NightWish”? (The lyrics at least. According to Google)

Definitely gonna check it out! :slightly_smiling_face: (When I can listen to it in peace)


It’s a joke, haha. They sent you spam e-mail saying it’s a fancy hotel, but they were going to link you to some lame 1 star hotel instead. However, it errored out when being sent to you. You’re not the first to point this out though, I may change it to make it more clear that it’s not a game error.

Those messages are excerpt of lyrics from Nightwish songs, a band I used to listen to years ago. The game has some little references to Finland. Those being Nightwish, Pellotomia Susia (Finnish for Dauntless Wolves), and the name mentioned by Carter, Loviatar. If your character speaks Finnish or is Scandinavian, there are some options to point this out.

The lyrics are very appopriate to certain moments in the game if you pay attention to them, especially the one you get as creepy e-mail, if you have higher INT you can select the option to decipher it, otherwise you can just check the code too. There is more of those coming, btw. Also, I highly recommend their song Nemo, my favorite of them.

However, the game does have some other media references here and there, let me know if you guys find any! Otherwise I can point them out in spoiler tags.


I love the immersion, I was thoroughly into the game from the start to the end. So far so good keep it man.


this is amazing! extraordinal! the prologue alone was…so…:confused: have you ever read something and you were so immersed in it, that your mind translated it to images? a mini movie in your head?


This was a fantastic demo and concept. The depth of the stats were so great and the options and stat checks were great! Definitely watching this and can’t wait for the final game!


Cool story.
It is very immersive.
Keep on like that :grin:


As much as I love Nightwish, I’m pretty sure those lyrics are copyrighted?


Yeah i was afraid of that. You think using excerpts like this would not be allowed?


Well,I think it’s technically illegal to do so without permission, at least if you ever charge money for it.There might be loopholes for excepts, but I don’t know about them.

Whether any problems would actually come from it, I couldn’t say, But you might wanna ask the CoG people, if you want it published with Hosted Games when it’s done.


Understood, ill leave them in while its a wip for now, but i have no problems removing if necessary later.


Hey,I am new here… andd I found it’s great… keep it up man…
Here I wanna tell you a thing… It’s not necessary though…
I am from India… in India there are around 200 languages… In story You’d written about English and Hindi…
I suggest you to add Punjabi,Tamil and Bengali… beacuse there are many persons in India who hate Hindi…
anyway… thanks for writting this story… I found it attractive… :slight_smile:
*sorry for P.O.O.R english… :frowning:


Hey! Very well written and a little different game than many others here - liked it a lot, will keep myself posted on what you have going on, keep up the excellent work!