What 2018 Titles Are You Most Looking Forward To?

As an editor, I’m excited about a number of games, but on my own slate: a Superlatives sequel, and hopeful about a Grand Academy for Future Villains sequel in the pitch stage right now.


It totally sounds like a cop out, but…

I look forward to every release. XD I usually buy them all first day so I have something to read while on a commute.


Pay high 2
Great tournament 2
Last wizard
Choice of magics


Ah, jeez… I wouldn’t say all of them, but there’s enough that I’d have a hard time making a tidy list. Wayhaven Chronicles and Choice of Magics stick out, though.


Magics! Yes. I just playtested it this week. Brilliant stuff. I want to replay more when I have time.

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As of this moment, I await the Great Tournament sequel. Hoping it releases today :crossed_fingers:

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I don’t think so, unfortunately.

Fallen Hero: Rebirth is my #1, I’ve been waiting since I read the first demo draft in like early 2016. After that it’s The Wayhaven Chronicles, Choice of the Cyborg and the new Hero Project.


CCH2 (and dang, reminds me to try and find the bug in CCH1 again. I didn’t know how to take screenshots on my phone when I came across it)
Gilded Rails sounds interesting.
So does Blood Money (bet I got the title wrong though >_> )


It is Blood Money. I have so much I’m working on, I forgot :smile: to mention that above. It’s a great supernatural game that’s a very different setting than anything else we’ve put out. Super cool.

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The Last Wizard, since it’s by Mike. Also, Love at Elevation since we don’t have many romance-heavy stories.


I’m really, really bad at picking favourites, but several of the sci fi-ish titles look exciting to me—Silverworld (a bit Wellsian?), Darkling Watchers, and Cyborg, in particular.

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Tooooooooooooooo many choices! It’s overwhelming. BUT…

If pressed, I’d say Choice of Magics for CoG and the new Zombie Exodus for HG, mostly because those seem like safe choices with known quality.

And then I’m sure there are some awesome contest entries but I know very little about any of those.


Niiiice :smiley:

Can you make me a happy quokka and spoiler if there’s a pitch for a Hero Unmasked! sequel?

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@Mary_Duffy, how are any of you going to get any sleep this year? This has to be the biggest ‘pipeline’ the company has ever built up, right?


Not that I’m aware of.

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aww, well, can’t win’em all :3

I’m less concerned with sleep than I am being away for personal travel and then WorldCon August 10-21st. I’m really going to have to work through the con, which will be interesting if I also am on panels or presenting o.O

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So many promising titles, I haven’t been this excited for a line up of games in a long time, honestly. The hype is real!


Yasssss Silverworld is pretty baller. Oh shucks, I’m excited about all the games this year.