Its 2019! What books are you waiting for?


So it is the first day of 2019, a new year brings new interactive novels. Which are you most excited about?

My top picks are easily

  1. Keeper of the sun and moon
  2. Any news on the third CCH book

What about you?


Probably FH2 and the next Wayhaven are the big ones for me. I haven’t read a lot about the upcoming games CoGs and HGs, but I’m sure there’s plenty of new great ones coming up too. :slight_smile:

Oh, and ZE:SH 2 part 2. Pleeeeease! :heart_eyes:


Keeper of the Sun and Moon, definitely Wayhaven, and 3150 Dahlia St. Too excited for Dahlia Street.


All of them pretty much i own nearly all the current books and nearly all of them i love.


From Both CoG and HG or just one or the other?

Gladiator Road to the Colosseum.
Keeper of the Sun and Moon,
Totem Force
Fallen Hero sequel
Creme de la Creme (still being written, but at this pace I’m optimistic for 2019 release)

I’ll go ahead and list Vendetta, Rise of a Gangster here too, even if it is a long shot for 2019.
Hopefully a re-release of The Butler did it for Steam with additional Linus romance could be in the works too.
Might as well go ahead and list Hong Kong Blood Opera here too, though it would be another long shot.

The Airship captain game as well as Vespa Station, aka the spaceship captain game.

  1. Wayhaven Chronicles B2
  2. Fallen Hero retribution
  3. Sequel to superelatives
  4. Law-Abiding Citizens
  5. Model Cirizens: Unmasked

And tons of it to be honest XD


Winds of Winter. Hopefully sometime in our lifetime.


Fallen hero at my top for sure. Then Wayhaven, and keeper of the sun and moon are my top 3


ZE:SH 2-2,
and there are many more WIPs that been in development for awhile, but I’m unsure if the authors even plan on dropping them this year. Might be next year for some :disappointed:


Wayhaven and Tale of Two Cranes


Wayhaven book 2 and Samurai of Hyuga book 4


Wayhaven Book 2 is an obvious for a multitude of reasons (I just wanna see my Felix again XD)

I’ve been hyping up Keeper of the Sun and Moon in my mind for a while now ever since it got submitted for publishing, the memories of the demo still make me giddy for the full release!

Dragon Racer seems interesting because y’know, Dragons and racing.

The Aegis Project and Tale of Two Cranes are demos I’ve played in the past and have thoroughly enjoyed, can’t wait for both of these games to release!

And of course I’m hopeful for a 2019 release of Creme de la Creme like @idonotlikeusernames has stated, from what I have played of both Blood Money and Creme de la Creme, Hannah Powell-Smith is a fantastic author so I’m pleasantly waiting for a full release!


I can’t seem to find this WIP? Do you have a link?


It’s a joke, Winds of Winter is a (prospective future) George R.R. Martin book. You might know it from Song of Ice and Fire the novel series Game of Thrones is based on. Full-disclosure I’ve only ever read the first book of it, for the rest I’ve mainly watched the series and I still need to get started on season 7 of that.


Now I feel like an uncultured swine, please ignore this comment. :sweat_smile:
Also I’m patiently waiting for CCH3 :neutral_face: Still waiting to become a zenith


Apparently I was an uncultured swine just a couple of days ago for not knowing the movie Men in Black, right @Dark_Stalker ? Anyway, nobody can no everything, so we’re all uncultured swine. :pig: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


As is the Will of the lord- Will Smith.


Can’t wait for sequels for Fallen Hero, Wayhaven Chronicles and Samurai of Hyuga. All in all I’m eager to see what this year will bring, so excited!


Donor, Samurai Hyuga, Waywalkers :3


An update for Guenevere.
It’s good to have some hope :joy: