Its 2019! What books are you waiting for?


Tale of Two Cranes and Samurai of Hyuga :heart_eyes:


I’m wondering… which would come out first, lords of infinity or bannerlord?

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You go too far sir… lol

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I am waiting for:
Sequels: Rebels, Wayhaven, Keeper
New: Tale of Two Cranes (I am already fantasising about a Lang Ya Bang or Dandelion Dynasty-like Choice game), anything from Mike Walter


Wayhaven book 2
Fallen hero retribution.
Also does anyone know where I can find the list for books being released this year? I’ve searched everywhere for that :tired_face:

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Wayhaven: Book 2 and Samurai of Hyuga Part 4. Been reading and re-reading them over and over again.

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Fallen Hero Retribution, only game on this site I can properly gush and fan boy over from how much it fits my niche.
Also for books in general the new Overlord Novel, id fucking murder to get that early.

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I know Dragon Racer just come out but I can’t wait for the sequel :laughing:

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Fallen Hero
Samurai of Hyuga
A Hag Called Fate (Dunno if it’ll come out this year though)
Unnatural Season 2
Exile of the Gods
Grand Academy for Future Villains Sequel


I hope we get “Winds of Winter” later this year or at least during the next 2 years. Ugh, it’s so frustrating to anticipate the book, after watching the finale of series.
I’m also waiting for “Will Haunt You” by Brian Kirk(it gives me Stephen King’s books vibes xD) and “Growing Things and Other Stories” by Paul Tremblay.

  • Howling Dark by Christopher Ruocchio.
  • The Toll by Neal Shusterman.
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Totem force and new chapter for zombie exodus safe haven

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  1. Wayhaven Book two
  2. The Fallen Hero Retribution
  3. Samurai of Hyuga 4
  4. New chapter for Zombie Exodus Safe Haven
  5. Waywalker University 3 (not sure if it come out this year love this very much :heart::heart::heart:)