What titles are You looking forward to?

Hey, guys! I already told you what I was looking forward to in my previous post (CoD 2), And I wanted to know what titles you guys are looking forward to!

Mecha Ace and Guns of Infinity by @Cataphrak and Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven by @JimD

@Flammy They are not going to make Choice of the Dragon 2.

I am looking forward to Trial of the Demon Hunter.

Choice of the Counter-Revolutionary. Choice of Colonialism. Choice of the Inquisition.

Choice of the tea-drinking Englishman.

Trial of the Demon Hunter :wink: and of course @JimD 's and @Cataphrak 's gamebooks. Neighborhood Necromancer also sounds cool.

The choice of the Spanish Inquisition… They won’t be talking about it in advance BECAUSE YOU NEVER EXPECT THE SPANISH INQUISITION!!!

@DSeg Well I can still hope for it :D!

Choice of the Choice of Games author
Choice of the Government… aka voting
Choice of the Inanimate Object

Choice of the Inanimate Object. LOLOLOLOL

Choice of the Government?
Hmm, I could put that together really quickly for the *fake_choice challenge…

@Redgrave I read that as “Choice of the Intimate Object,” which conjured peculiar connotations for a second.

Definitely Choice of Rebels, Tin Star (almost out!) and ZE: Safe Haven. There are many others I’m following, but those are at the top of my list. Although, Choice of the Inanimate Object does sound particularly fun…

Mecha Ace, ZE: Safe Haven, Tin Star, and Vendetta among others.

ZE: Safe Haven, Tin Star, Choice of Rebels, Guns of Infinity

Guns of infinity and broadsides 2 and another title like Marine raider (maybe a continuation or a more modern version/setting like “force recon” , “navy seals” , or “green berets”)

Tin Star
Neighborhood Necromancer
Heroes Rise: HeroFall
Choice of the Villain
Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven
Death Reapers Contract
Vendetta: Rise of a Gangster
Four Guns
Team Zero
Heroes: Taking Up The Mantle

these are what im looking forward to most but i plan to play the whole upcomming list on either IOS or Google Play, some i will get for both

@Doctor lol Dated but still funny.