Most anticipated HG WIP?

(Thanks for the shout-outs for Apex Predators and Shepherds of Haven, @Djone1 and @LikeGames! :smiley:)


Wayhaven Chronicles book 2, Freak amidst the neon lights, From Ashes We Rise, Monsters of New Haven High and Vendetta Rise of a gangster


Definitely Fallen Hero: Retribution. Simply cannot wait for it to be completed and finally come out, and every time I read through the WIP I always want to know what happens next. For that reason, I both love and hate Malin at the same time, a bit like how I feel about Ortega. :grin:


Wayhaven 2, Guenevere, Shepherds of Haven, Fallen Hero, Shadow Society

These are my top but there’s a couple more that I’ve been looking at too. There’s a whole bunch of really cool WIPs out right now!

Thank you @Vattena and @LikeGames for the shout out :hugs:


There are actually a lot… and is it right to assume most WIP here will be published under HG?

  1. The Shadow Society by @Carawen
  2. The Aetherian Spell Academy by @Karlan
  3. Curse of The spirit by @aequa
  4. Life of Mercenary by @Jerieth
  5. The Enchanter’s Misery by @Samuel_H_Young
  6. The Operatives : Fire of Revolution by @spytim
  7. Model Citizen Unmasked by @RenaB
  8. Warlock City by @Revache
  9. Law Abiding citizen by @SmolPirate
  10. Vendetta by @Vendetta
  11. Supernatural in New York

I am still anticipating From Ashes We Rise and, probably, forever will. Replay it sometimes. :sweat_smile:
Actually, my list is quite long. But for the more or less recent:

All I could remember right now.


Most anticipated HG?? Of course without question
Wayhaven book 2!
Fallen Hero: Retribution!!
Way Walkers University 3!!!
Samurai of Hyuga and Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven are also my most anticipated HG

I can’t wait for all of these to release XD


I would say the sea of malice by @Eos is definitely one of my favorite. Also the war for the west.

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Fallen Hero: Retribution
Wayhaven 2

frick now my heart’s aching because of the wait and all the feels


I really love Monster by @Shawn_Patrick_Reed and Monster of New Haven High by @Sashira

Forever waiting for them.


Fallen hero
Chopper out


For me, WIPs that i’m REALLY super excited about are

Wilhelmina by @fidere
Fallen Hero 2: Retribution by @malinryden
Guenevere by @jeantown
Vendetta: Rise of a Gangster by the badass @Vendetta
Seven days in purgatory by @Sel_Lee
Mass Mother Murderer by Samuel_H_Young
Keepers of Fairfort by Chelon
3150 Dahlia St. by Wormwood Stories
Villain: The Catalyst by @ToxicDreams
Yugen by the majestic @Ros_e
Pelottomia Susia: Mercenary for Hire by the amazing @GoldenSilver
A Drop Of Night by @Ylva
Princess of Swords by RobberBaroness
The Lure Of The Gallows (which is highly underrated) by Erin Faust
Witchwood by @Babisko
Arcadia: second born by Sofia_D
The vampire regent by Nerull
Donor by Elena_H

Can’t wait till they finally release the official completed game! (plus i’m placing the links here, so i can keep track of my most favorite and highly anticipated WIPs as of now so i will be adding more and more and edit some of them out as time goes by as some of them would have already be in the HG or COG line up)


Thank you for the mention @Langre . I am roughly 1/3 of the way through.

Many of the works that I would mention have already been listed. That being said I salute all that share their creativity and passion in the form of IF. Much time and effort goes into each project, often with no guarantee of compensation, or positive reception. Additional accolades are in order for those who offer support to said authors. I have personally benefited greatly from the feedback provided here on the forum.


Definitely A Drop of Night by @Ylva


Monsters of New Haven High (always :cry: )
Son of Satan: The Mortal Coil
The Seven Heirs of Ophaesia
Model Citizens: Unmasked
The Shadow Society
Wayhaven Chronicles 2
A Mortal Hero: Patron of the Gods
Land of the Dragon
So You’re Possessed 2


@LikeGames Oh snap! Thanks for the mention, really cool that people are anticipating my own WiP!

Anyways, onto my own personal list!

Wayhaven Chronicles Book 2 (1st one was amazing!)
Supernatural in New York (loved the supernatural elements combined with the urban setting)
Fox in Sunholt (Foxboi loves em foxes, also Mars is best boy)
Keeper of the Sun and Moon (it counts technically!)
Yugen (Japanese culture has always intrigued me)
Guenevere (a classic!)
BREACH: The Archangel Job (crime has always been a personal fav!)
The Oval Office (who wouldn’t want to be a president for a short period of time?)


As of now, the games I’m more interested are:

Wayhaven cronicles: book 2
Fallen hero: retribution
Samurai of Hyuga 4

And maybe Ultimata… even if I must admit I’ve lost a lot of interest in it even if I was very hyped for it, because even if a lot of stuff was interesting, I felt there was basically only talk of female companions in a waifu way, and no word over the guys, so I didn’t pay attention to it anymore :sweat_smile: but I still would like to play it one day.

I’m really interested in Rukusuppo too.


Could not chose I am ready for them all.


Oof definitely Guenevere, Arthurian themes are a sweet spot and although I’d prefer playing a male character, the choices for character humor is quite distinctive.


Same lol