United: The Beginnings

I started and stopped working on this game awhile ago, mostly because it was saved on my USB and I had no computer to access it with. But I recently found it and thought I would share the demo with the world, since I mentioned it in my interest check thread.

Please keep in mind that I haven’t changed anything for this in almost two years. I might not continue work on it, I’m not sure.

TW: Cursing, Violence, Implied Sexual Content, Shameless Deadpool References, Poor Representation of ‘Mental Illness’ that may be entirely removed

I’ll include a pitch and everything later. For now, just basic stuff.

Play as male, female, nonbinary and/or transgender. Gay, straight, bisexual, pansexual, asexual or aromantic. Pretty extensive character customization, I guess. Choose from three different powers (only two right now, and you don’t even get to use them yet). Meet your future mentor.

You don’t actually get to choose your gender yet, but you do get to pick who you like, if you like anyone.

I just ran through it a couple times and noticed several things I would fix, but no game ending errors. One error for sure if you choose to go smart, but the game ends after that anyways. Also, there’s nothing for “do something crazy yet” so don’t pick that one.

DEMO: https://dashingdon.com/play/Darthdovahkin/unite-the-beginnings/mygame/

I’m happy to answer any questions about the characters or world. And will happily take any constructive criticism dished out, though I’m not sure If I’ll continue work on this. I’m bad at following through with stuff, as I’m sure people noticed.


This is the superhero one! So happy you wrote a bit about it, I voted for this one! I reaaalllly (plsss) hope you continue with this, good luck!
Also can we be the villain?? :smirk::smirk:

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That would be the error that I wrote about in the description.

You can’t be the villain. You can be a douche though.


:confounded::sob::laughing: sad but not dying

I played before the edit so sorry had no idea

Always excited for new superhero games and really liked the demo. Though I wasn’t able to finish it because got an error.
Style of writing is cool and set an interesting atmosphere.
Also having a voices in the head is what I always dreamed of to have in game. :grin:
Good luck and tons of inspiration to finish this game!

No problem. It happens.

Can you tell me about it? What choice did you make? What did it say?

I choose “I did something smart” during voices’ talk and got:

Also choices with MC’s height are strange. When I choose “I am the same height as man” game tells me that I am “taller then them both”. And if choose “same height as woman” get “same height as them both”. How’s that if they are different height?

Oh, you got that error because it hasn’t been written yet. So if you pick that choice, it’s the end of the game.

I didn’t know about the height mix up, though. Thanks for letting me know.

Actually, why MC have voices in their head? Is it connected with their powers? And that dream with getting powers is flashback, right?

Yes and no. Their powers are manifesting because of an outside force. Without that outside force, there would be no voices. It kind of… shattered their psyche.

No, it’s not a flashback. It’s just a dream. Or more like a vision.

Oh whatever do you mean? Hmmmmm? Hmmmmm?

In my defense, we had to pawn my tablet (that has my work for TBW on it) and I still don’t have a computer. I also got a new job that has 12 hour long shifts. And I have depression so doing anything is a chore.

But I still plan on working on TBW. I’m just overwhelmed with life right now.

Also in my defense, I’m a terrible person.

Nah, I am sure you were going through alot and I hope it’s gotten better.

And I was more of an OTH fella myself, but then again, I like your style so I’ll pretty much read anything you write.

Were you? I remember seeing you in the thread, but I must have gotten confused. My apologies. OTH will be worked on eventually as well, if life is kind to me.

Oh, you like my style? Thank you. Never really considered that I actually have a writing style. The idea is weird to me.


That was really well done, I found it very funny too. I even chuckled a couple times.You really should continue writing it, but I cant make you do it. Good job!

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Thank you, I appreciate the compliment, and I’m happy someone found it amusing!

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