WIP- Homo Superioris

Good evening my friends.

I used to have an account here but i kinda forgot the password.In case anyone remembers my name is Alex Pap.So anyways,I’ve been working on a script for a game called “Homo Superioris”. It is about recently created super-powered humans trying to adapt in the human world. I already have the story pretty much ready. I just need someone to help me with the coding things. That’s all (I really suck at choice script).

So to sum the story up. You live in London. News of a bio-terrorist attack by radicals spread all around the world. The radicals claimed that they “Aided in the evolution of humanity”. Soon people with super powers appear all over the world.

Will you go Rogue and fight for the Homo Superioris superiority?

Will you join the World Goverment and try to supress the tensions from both sides?

Or will you go Feral and act completely on your own selfish motives?

Will you be justice or injustice?
Will you bend the knee or stand your ground?
Will you survive or will you die?

Your choice.


Hmm, I’m not sure, but I think that asking for a coder is against the rules, and isn’t there a game called The Order on PS4?

By the way, your story sounds pretty interesting, it reminds me of “Deus ex: human revolution” for some reason, maybe it is the whole “Aided evolution” thing.

Lol I really need to edit this. The name of the PS4 game is the The Order yes and i was actually watching a walkthrough while writing this. So honest confusion. The Deus Ex I’ve never played. I’d say it’s mostly inspired by X-men. Plus,I don’t know how to use choice script (I tried once. Didn’t really end well.). So I’m asking for help. A cooperation or even some guidelines.

Try sending PMs to some users who already have a WIP thread, they might be able to help you if you ask politely.

Deus Ex is a game set in the future where humans can replace their limbs with mechanical ones (The “Aided Evolution”), some people are against that, saying that it is not natural, while others embrace the idea.

Hm,thanks for the idea. I 'll try to pm one of the guys. Meanwhile some folks in my game get artificial limbs but well no spoilers :slight_smile: .

sigh I feel your pain. So many orders in the world…

@Alex_pap I’m surprised to say this, but coding isn’t as hard as you’ll think.

I don’t mind lending a hand on the basics, key word being basics, and some guidelines to helping you figure out code with a bunch of referencing to the choice script dev.

At first coding is very complex and confusing, but message me when your up for it and I’ll see what words of wisdom I may import onto you. ^~^

As for the theme of the game, I’m supposing your meaning the mc is one of superioris? If that’s the case…is there a reason to fight for the government and the likes? What’s the incentive here?

Alright then. I’ll pm you when my mind works somewhat better because right now it’s 4:30 am in Greece.

I can’t say why you would side with the World Goverment without spoiling a big part of the story. But there is logic behind it trust me. And yes your main character will be one of the super powered humans(In latin plural for superioris is superiores. Not to be a grammar nazi on a dead language but you know, just saying.). Would you imagine playing an mc in a world with super powers and not have one. The turn off that would be.:stuck_out_tongue:

Apex Predators…
What super powers will the supreme beings have?
Deus ex was about cyborgs and corporate conspiracies.

I may have to keep a eye on this

Haha I can’t indeed =p, though I can recommend changing for a more zesty name on the offhand it’s suitable as is, in the meantime Latina all over the place in my game, when I can’t figure a proper name for something or looking for something with a bit more of a spice: Latin is the way to go.

@Dark_Stalker ah that’s the question I was trying to form

I won’t spoil too much and I’ll talk about the powers of some minor characters. Freezing time in a 10 meter radio for a certain amount of time and another will be able to hypnotize through singing. I ve drawn some powers from mythology too. Mainly the Ancient Greek one.

@Alex_Pap, You have FAILED this city!

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Ancient Greek mythology??? TELL ME MORE.

I don’t get what you mean but I love Arrow so yeah. Sure I have. :stuck_out_tongue:

This makes me think of X-men. And X men are pretty cool. But its different and I like that. Will there be scenes at the beginning where we just use our powers for fun and personal gains.

Not at the very beginning but you will be able to do that as a Feral later on.

Freezing time in a ten meter radius? begins coughing Rolo

much? (if you even get the reference) stops coughing

(Not accusing you of stealing, I just love this anime and noticed the ability XD, so I just HAD too)

About the WIP (just in case you forgot) :laughing:, will the super powered become segregated automatically, or will your choices affect that, or will this not happen at all.

Name of anime? I was actually affected by Trafalgar Law from One Piece on this one.His power doesn’t freeze time but it has to do with a certain space and all.Is the power exactly the same?

Yes,the super powered will be segregated from day one.But your actions will affect what will happen to them in the future.