Sordwin by Thom Baylay - Part 2 of the Evertree Saga



Gods dammit, not again!

You race across the square, stopping to crouch behind the low wall of the fountain, scanning the rooftops. The sky is pitch black but you’ll see it if it’s there.

There’s no movement and then you hear the shriek coming from behind the Mayor’s house. You whip around and the sight sends your heart plummeting.

A bright light, like a lantern in the dark…

Welcome to Sordwin, the second story in the saga that began with Evertree Inn. In this fantasy mystery, you reprise your role as reluctant (or eager) investigator into the secrets of an island town.
Sordwin is planned for release later this year but to celebrate the anniversary of Evertree Inn, and as a thank you to all who have supported my work, I’m uploading the first Chapter of Sordwin as a demo.

Play the first chapter here ->

The upload feature for your old character has yet to be added but I’ve included a demo function to let you recreate some of your old choices. Unfortunately it doesn’t allow for carry over of stats and gold but the full game definitely will! This is all still beta-testing so if you spot any errors, coding, continuity or otherwise, please do message me or comment. All feedback is treated with care and consideration.

Thank you so much again and I hope you have fun setting sail for Sordwin!

Full Release Date: TBD 2018
Content warning - Mild fantasy violence/mild sexual content/infrequent alcohol references

(NOTE: This is not my entry for the Choice of Games Competition which will be a stand alone story not connected to the Evertree Saga)

Evertree Inn by Thom Baylay
What is the most interesting WIP? (For you)

I am so excited to see this Thom, this was one of my favorite games that led me to start reading choice and hosted games and join the community and I cannot wait to be able to settle down with this and to see the full game later in the year.

Thank you


@ThomB - I believe this is not your contest entry, correct? You might want to mention that here, in this thread, for those that do not visit social media sites.

Congratulations on everything, regardless.


Evertree was my first purchase! I’ve been waiting to see what happens next!

My favorite kind of content :smirk:


You can’t help it. In spite of yourself you are crushing hard on Orion. This is likely to end badly…

enabled protection purrito
I’M NOT WORRIED, worried? me? NEVER??


I really need to start replaying Evertree. I wonder if my MC will find a new RO for her. She was unsuccessful with Dandy with the first one. :sweat_smile:

Edited: Wrong RO. :pensive:


Evertree Inn was rather rigid and linear in its narrative and had far too few ROs but it was by no means a bad story and I quite enjoyed the mystery and detective work that could still trip you up on replays if you were lacking certain clues.

Hopefully with this sequel, you’ll allow the player more freedom and perhaps a wider variety of ROs and ways to engage in their routes.

Will be keeping an eye on this with hopes that you’ll continue to keep up the good work.


I haven’t played in a long time and I don’t remember an Orion character. Someone needs to refresh my memory!


I loved the first game of this I hope I get to beta test a lot later down the line


Loved the demo, can’t wait for the full release😂


YAY new game! :fox_face:
Evertree Inn was amazing, was hoping for a sequel.
Also, Love Daisy :heart: , dont know why and dont care. Shes simply ( if not the first) one of my favorite COG characters.
Thanks a lot @ThomB. Cant wait to buy it.


Haven’t really combed for errors or anything but this should be adjusted–not many trans people introduce themselves with “I’m trans,” you should have the trans qualifier in the “narration” of the choice and let the verbal answer just be the MC’s gender


A few things:


You head over to Daisy who has made no effort to follow Ruby’s instruction of covering up and so you prod you her in her flat stomach. She sits up sharply and with a scowl.

I think you should remove this “you”.

Daisy’s eyes light up as she swings down from your bunk and opens the door. She wasn’t kidding. The redhead is a human, taller than the two of you and with

There is a text missing here.


I Bought the game 6 hours ago and finished it with much gusto and I can very much say I’m excited for this sequel! Excited to travel more of the world with Lamuel (I’d love him more if he can pick up my slack on the combat department, I’m as frail as a twig :smile: )On the subject of saves, will there be an update to Evertree inn to include a “Save your Character” at the end or am I missing something?


Looks like I’ll have to read Evertree Inn again. :slight_smile: I’m looking forward to seeing this sequel published.


I think I mistaken Orion with someone else. I meant was with Dandy. XD Oh boy… I really need to refresh my memory.

@cottoncandy I apologize for confusion. XD I meant was Dandy. There’s no Orion in the first one.


After the first draft is sent to CoG they will update the game with the save feature.


Thank you everyone for all the positive feedback so far!

In particular, thank you @Urban and @HomingPidgeon for your comments and screenshots. I’ll amend these in the full version and update the demo too asap.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Thom x


I found more:


And so with nothing to your name but your pony, your trusty and one hell of a right hook, you set off on the road to Lux.

I think there is a missing text after trusty.

Daisy might be your number one but that doesn’t mean you haven’t got a two, three and four and the women serving under Captain Kiora are both wild and exciting

Isn’t it Captain Ruby?


So great to see the sequel to this up and running. Enjoyed the first a lot and this one looks to follow that trend.