Most anticipated HG WIP?

Really? I always felt like it could have been better.

The ideas are good, the characters interesting: everything can always be better, but the start is promising. :+1:t2:
You are doing a good job.

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United We Stand has been in development hell for way too long. Hopefully it at least gets an update or something soon


From Ashes We Rise By @Wraith even if it probably isn’t going to be published, I would still sell my soul to live out my Jason todd fantasies. :sob:


@rinari: Thank you so much for the mention, that means a lot to me!

I rooting for @Spyder’s The Oval Office even though it just came back and is only in it’s early stages


It involves playing a woman who can be a lesbian but keeps getting hit on by her husband’s best friend.


Wayhaven 2 and The Grim and I.


Sooo, my top 3:

  1. The Shadow Society by @Carawen (I’m obsessed with this game, seriously. I can’t choose which character I like the most, they all are so unique. Really I was rereading Harry Potter when I discovered TSS and I had the courage to put Harry Potter down only to replay her game again and again and again and again :heart:)
  2. Way Walkers 3 by @WayWalkerLeigh (This one was actually my first interactive fiction, it was definitely love at first sight and the writer is sooo talented!)
  3. Wayhaven Chronicles by @Seraphinite (Mason, darling you can have my ass whenever you want :heart: and Sera, I love you so much, you’re so sweet and dedicated, you have the time to write and answer like tons of questions everyday on your tumblr :heart: Much love and admiration to you.)

Guenevre, Fallen Hero 2, So You’re possessed 2, Samurai of Hyuga 4 and Atheina: A Story of the Gods


How could I forget about So You’re Possessed?!


Keeper of the sun and moon


I’m normally quite cautious of WIPs, since I don’t want to get my hopes up for a project that might never be completed. However, I love the concept of Til Death Do Us Part and can’t wait to see more of it.

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Fallen Hero - I absolutely love the way playing the villain is deconstructed here. The characters all feel very realistic and have relationships that showcase the prevalent merits AND flaws that make them come to life instead of feeling like a walking list of trait descriptions. The relationships also are great vehicles for delicious drama / points of tension, and the storyline is engaging with every scene making me want to know what happens next instead of falling stagnant through bits and pieces. Amazing work.

SOS - The Mortal Coil - Mmph. With a world rich with lore and an intriguing mc (its so nice to play a powerful mc where they are probably one of, if not the, most interesting character of the cast), SO many customization options that all carry weight, lovely prose, more engaging storyline with exhilarating scenes and sequences, and of course - a lineup of characters that are all so individual and complex in their own right, what’s not to adore? Plus, I have browsed the Tumblr page for it and she is such an interactive and responsive dev that takes in all concerns and questions in a respectable manner, and you can really see the care / passion for the fans and the project, I’d probably love her games even if she were to write one about a sentient sandwich. (Or maybe especially then? :thinking: )

Shepherds of Haven - Again, ah-mazing characters (probably the most important thing to me) that have their own motivations and goals and that aren’t reliant on or literally written for the Mc, but ones in which you can form organic feeling bonds with and feel like while it’s your story, it’s also their’s, which is quite rare and very refreshing. And yet again, amazing storyline, ample amount of customization choices that aren’t just cosmetic, and another fantastic dev who has talent in spades. I adore the writing style and how it has an almost subtle type of humor? to it, while still managing to be a serious story, as well - it’s very distinctive. Plus, I’m always a sucker for a good medieval-esque magical adventure packed with sword swinging vigilantes.

I’m also excited for SYP 2 and the next Samurai of Hyuga because the previous installments were A+.

Very ready for Vendetta, as well. I haven’t had a chance to play the old demo all the way through, but with the newest addition of a female storyline and the absolute star of a game I garnered from what I did play, I am completely hooked. Again, A+ dev as well.

And of course - finally finishing and posting my own wip. :,-) Jk jk. But also, really.


Wow, thanks so much for your amazing support for Shepherds of Haven, @KingMe! You made my day!! :grin: Good luck on your WIP as well! :sparkling_heart:


You are quite welcome. But every ounce of praise is well deserved - seriously brilliant job and I can’t wait to see how it, and your other work, progress. (Perusing your Tumblr is also kind of fantastic. The asks and answers are simply inspired.) :sparkles: And haha, thank you! One day…I hope.


I also have to add Bright Eyes, Black Blood to my list. I just played it for the first time today and…wow. Never before have I felt such a strong connection to the main character in wanting revenge or to follow through with the given story with such passion right off the bat.

I mean it really just garners every last ounce of emotional investment possible, oomph. It has: amazing writing with excellent prose, choices that capture all the possible feelings elicited from each scene in a captivating way (emphasis on this x2), - and those pathos scenes are aplenty - great pacing, another original premise, villains that are so infuriatingly real that the complete helplessness felt by the heroine comes through crystal clearly, and character blurbs that are intriguing as duck. AH I adore it. 15/10 stars


I’m still waiting for Lords of Infinity , that’s the saga i liked the most


Yup, i guess everyone already forgot about it

From what I’ve heard, Cata is doing the planning for it on the side while he’s still working on Burden of Command with Allen Gies (the author of Tin Star) so that’s probably going to be a while til we hear more about Lords.


Lords of Infinity releases with Bannerlord.