A Drop of Night (WiP) (Demo Uploaded 04/11/2017)


Disclaimer: There will be references to/use of alcohol and/or drugs. Expect a lot of explicit violence from this, regardless if you choose to kill or not. Do not complain about it here. You have been warned!


You awaken in an APRD (Anti-Powered Response Department) research center in the American city of Lakeport, with no memory of who you are, how you got there, or why the darkness obeys your will. After fighting for your life against the guards stationed in the lab you escape it and run into Casey and Rhys, two other powered individuals.

They take you to their home, a household run by a woman named Reyes and consisting of six metas including her. Due to your escape the APRD increases the number of soldiers, patrols and checkpoints around Lakeport’s districts in addition to dispatching a specialized team of metagenetic hunters made up of metas themselves.

Reyes’ group are cyphers, a type of mercenary specialized in stealing and selling information on demand, and among the best in the country, though of course no one knows who they truly are nor that they’re metas. With the risk of being found by the Department ever looming over your shoulder, you enlist with them and begin your new life as a cypher while you search for information about your past.

Amidst the turmoil of having amnesia, being hunted by the government and performing data heists, you start having dreams of a woman with wings darker than the blackest night, all just as vivid as the reality you are living in, then just when you think you’ve settled into this way of life, opportunity—or misfortune—comes knocking at your door, to give you a chance of finding the truth about your origins and powers.


==Alison Reyes==
Alias: Revenant
Gender: Female
Age: 30
Power: Extremely strong Melanokinesis and a very limited form of Chromokinesis, the manipulation of ink and color respectively.
Appearance: Reyes is 180cm (5’11’’) tall and has an athletic build and fair complexion, she has long, jet black hair and dark eyes. Most of her arms and back are covered in black tattoos.
Clothing: Reyes is always wearing black pants, a white tank top, a black jacket, and black boots. Her mask is made of white metal, with black ink swirls forming intricate patterns on its polished surface.
Logo Ayako_chromatic_aberration_more_distortion
==Ayako Hisakawa==
Alias: Shodan
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Power: Datakinesis and Cyberkinesis. Ayako can manipulate any kind of digital data and is capable of partially interfacing her brain with various technologies.
Appearance: Ayako is 162cm (5’3’’) tall and has a lithe build and fair skin, brown eyes and shoulder length, chocolate brown hair usually tied back in a ponytail.
Clothing: Ayako is always in baggy t-shirts and wearing jeans, she mostly wears graphical tees with sarcastic quotes. Her mask covers her entire head and is custom made to allow her to interface with it and have complete control over electronic devices around her.
==Bradley Montgomerry==
Alias: Ignis
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Power: Pyrokinesis, the generation and manipulation of fire.
Appearance: Bradley is 178cm (5’8’’) tall and has an average build with tan skin, he has messy, short, brown hair and green eyes.
Clothing: Bradley wears a red hoodie with blue flames on it, a white t-shirt and light colored jeans with sneakers. His mask is also red with blue flames. Like Rosslyn and Sam, he has kept his hunter uniform and uses it on heists.
==Cassandra Cadwell==
Alias: Crow
Nickname: Casey
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Power: Picnokinesis; Casey can manipulate the density of almost any inanimate object she touches, altering its weight and/or brittleness/hardiness.
Appearance: Casey is 174cm (5’7’’) tall and has a lithe build with fair skin, she has light gray-blue eyes and long, black hair with an undercut on the right side. She also has three small piercings on the right ear.
Clothing: Casey usually wears loose, sleeveless, punk graphic tees, skinny black jeans, a black leather jacket and a pair of black and white all star shoes. Her mask is made of black iron and has a white, vertical tribal design eye on its forehead; the lower half of her mask is shaped like a crows beak.
Additional: Emily’s older sibling
==Emily Cadwell==
Alias: Smiley
Gender: Female
Age: 13
Power: Audiokinesis, the manipulation of sound; increasing/decreasing its frequency, intensity/volume, and speed and direction of propagation.
Appearance: Emily is 155cm (5’) tall and has a lithe build with fair skin, her hair is long and red, and she has the same light gray-blue eyes as her sister.
Clothing: Emily usually wears colorful shorts/skirts, and t-shirts, and her favorite shoes are a red pair of high cut sneakers. Her mask is black with a red smiley painted on it.
Additional: Ironically, Emily has been a mute since birth. Cassandra’s younger sibling.
==Jack/Jane Thayer==
Alias: Psyche
Gender: Flippable
Age: 19
Power: Extremely limited forms of Cognikinesis and Mnemokinesis, the manipulation of perspective and memories respectively. Thayer can for example, appear to have turned invisible, though he/she is merely altering the perception of those around him/her; he/she is not capable of manipulating sound. In addition he/she can, to a very low extent, alter the memories of humans (doesn’t work on metas) and to a moderate extent access the memories of humans (works on metagenetics, but not nearly as well as in regular humans).
Male appearance: Jack is 170cm (5’5’’) tall and has an athletic build with light brown skin, he has shoulder length, black hair and green eyes.
Female appearance: Jane is 170cm (5’5’’) tall and has an athletic build with fair skin, her hair is red and short and her eyes are bright green. She also has small freckles on her face.
Jack’s clothing: Jack usually wears black jeans and boots, with metal band graphic tees in addition to his signature leather jacket. His mask is white and made of kevlar, with deep black accents in its lines.
Jane’s clothing: Jane usually wears dark colored skinny jeans and colorful shirts with blue sneakers. Her mask is black and made of kevlar, with white accents in its lines.
==Rhys Howell==
Alias: Bad Karma
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Power: Electrokinesis, the generation and manipulation of electricity.
Appearance: Rhys is 183cm (6’) tall and has an athletic build with light tan skin, he has short, blond hair and dark blue eyes.
Clothing: Rhys uses black sneakers with white soles, skinny black jeans, a black and red flannel shirt almost always covered by a dark red hoodie, and a black sleeveless denim vest. Rhys’ mask is a dark red skull with the word “Karma” on its forehead.
==Rosslyn Walker==
Alias: Bloody Mary
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Power: Hyalokinesis and Vitrikinesis, the manipulation of glass and mirrors/reflections respectively.
Appearance: Rosslyn is 176cm (5’7’’) tall and has an athletic build with pale skin, her hair is black and shoulder length and her eyes are dark red.
Clothing: Rosslyn is always in black; black boots, black shirt, and a black jacket. Her mask covers only the lower half of her face with teeth. In addition, she kept the uniform from when she was a hunter and wears it on heists.
Additional: Rosslyn experiences panic attacks at random times and occasionally has hallucinations that leave her incapable of properly functioning until fully recovered.
==Sam Evans==
Alias: Number 8
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Power: Extremely limited Spatiokinesis, the manipulation of space. E.g. Evans can remove a bullet from inside you by convincing reality that it is not, in fact, inside you.
Appearance: Sam is 170cm (5’6’’) and has a curvy build with light olive skin, her eyes are honey colored and she has long, light blond hair.
Clothing: Sam likes to wear dresses and heeled shoes. Evans’ mask is black and has a purple infinity symbol on its forehead, a play on the number 8, the number assigned to her when she was an inmate of the APRD. Like Rosslyn, she has kept her hunter uniform an uses it on heists.
Logo Wildcard
==West Wells==
Alias: Wildcard
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Power: Tychokinesis, the manipulation of possibility/luck.
Appearance: West is 180cm (5’11’’) tall and has a lean build with pale skin and medium length, shiny black hair and bright blue eyes.
Clothing: Wildcard wears a black hoodie, black skinny jeans and black sneakers. He also has a throwing knife pouch on his right leg (his only way of actually fighting back) and an even smaller pouch hanging on his belt which contain his trusty little dice; one is white with black dots, the other black with white dots. Wildcard’s mask is all gray with a little 4 leaf clover on the right cheek.
Additional: The ways Wells’ powers work is that he carries two dice with him at all times. When he activates his powers, he rolls the dice and based on what he would consider to be the best outcome, their result will decide what will happen. E.g. a result from 1 to 5 is a bad result and will have a negative effect (bad luck, crippling the crew, helping the enemy, etc), a result of 6 to 7 does absolutely nothing, and a result of 8 to 12 is a good result (good luck, helping the crew, crippling the enemy, etc).
>Designed by @AAO
==Absolute Zero==
Name: Unknown
Alias: Absolute Zero
Gender: Male
Age: 25
Power: Cryokinesis, the creation and manipulation of ice. While very powerful, Zero’s powers are very hard to control as the extent to which he can manipulate ice is much lower than that of which he can create. He mostly uses his powers to make disposable, yet strong weapons for use during melee combat. Additionally and unlike most other elemental metas, he is seemingly incapable of creating focused beams from his powers, the shots coming as more of a shotgun blast.
Appearance: Zero is 180cm (5’11’’) tall, has dark brown shaved hair, white eyes, and dark brown stubble. He has a big head, and square shoulders with a stocky build.
Clothing: Zero is always seen wearing black combat pants, a thin, black long sleeved shirt with a bullet-proof vest underneath, gray combat boots, and a metal gauntlet in each hand used for reducing the spread of his ice blasts. He seemingly never takes off his mask, made of black Kevlar and partially painted dark blue.
Additional: Zero is hellbent on exterminating any and all Meta Hunters, showing no mercy for them and flying into a brutal rage whenever he faces off against one. He always does his utmost to kill those he fights, and seems obsessed with eradicating his enemies. He believes Metagenetics aren’t accepted in society as they should be, and sees every meta he deems “good” as a friend, helping them escape and hide from hunters and government forces if need be and going so far as to risk his life to protect a meta he believes to be “innocent”. He claims to be starting the Meta Revolution as he calls it, recruiting any metagenetic who will fight alongside him.
>Designed by @Damian_Dalesh

Romanceable characters


> A love triangle is possible with Casey and Rosslyn.
> Emily is available as a romance for female characters who are up to 16 years old.
> I have no intention of making Wildcard and Zero ROs, so don’t ask.


Q: How often will this be updated?
A: I have no clue. Classes at university have started, so now I only work on this in my spare time.

Q: How long will this game be?
A: I have 19-21 chapters planned depending on whether I split two of the longer chapters or not. I won’t even try to estimate the word count; the prologue was supposed to be 1.5k words, yet it ended up being over 17k.

Q: When will a demo be available?
A: A demo with the complete Prologue is currently available.

Q: When will Chapter One be available?
A: I’m still writing it. Its current word count is 3.5k words. When I’m done, I’ll add it to the public demo.


Demo: A Drop of Night


Love the summary. Cool game, interesting plot and last but not least the will to make this game exist in reality instead of mere dreams. Thanks


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*For some reason when I wrote this I was thinking deaf and not mute.

I have a feeling something like “we need more guy ro’s but I really want to romance them” went through your head when you made this decision.

Gasp! It’s my OC Well no… any character I make usually just look dark and are some weird combo of happiness and being creepy…

Note to self: wear boots

Though based on appearance alone (and athletic ability I hope) first romance for me :blush: followed by Emily.

I want to kill her already. She sounds like someone with a superiority complex just by her name. And heels. And dress… And power… OH GOD DANG IT

How does our power work? Like can I hurt people with it or is it mostly for sneaking around?


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Spirit Animal

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Your presentation is, like others have mentioned, extraordinarily slick. The plot has definitely caught my eye. And I’m very intrigued by these character profiles you’ve got set up.

So, yeah, I’m definitely interested to see where you take this. Good luck!

Oh! Also- just a minor props I guess but also props to the title. I absolutely adore the imagery it creates. So, yeah, nice title as well!


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This sounds awesome… will there be anyone with light powers who with bloody marys help, turn into a living disco ball and if not could we maybe use ignis?

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