Which WIP would you bring back from the dead?

I’ve probably forgotten some, and may accidentally add ones that have had work resumed (on account for not being here in a while) but I’d always liked:

Monsters (The uh… quirky little story about a trip to a cabin in the woods or something) Probably one of my favourite games at all, even in its unfinished state, since the characters are so real.

Guinevere (sp) was also cool, surprisingly didnt care at all I had to play as a female PC (although it helps there are well fleshed out non-small RO’s), and the system of magic and such is pretty cool too, and the many paths there could be

Monsters of New Haven High: Haven’t even thought about this in a while, but I remember it being very cool. I think you could also adopt a dragon or something? And deal with bullies but in character relevent ways (e.g the weak races physically standing up for themselves, violent races taking a peaceful route) which makes it feel truly responsive

On a more recent note, the RPG one. Can’t even remember the half of it bar the fact there was a cool “witch” and was made by Lucid, who is perfect as always


I’m not talking about your game. I’m talking about Empty Shell

Add Children of the Gods & Mommy, We Created a Plot Hole! for those in hiatus and Keys & Aetherian Spell Academy for the Unknown.


Guenevere is still in progress! His blog is here!

It’s one of my favorites too.


Of Gods and Mortals by @MissBrainProblems :frowning:

I started playing WIP´s very recently but i can say that i read some very interesting stories and is sad that they are dead now… So here are the ones that i did enjo and i would like to be brought from the dead:
-From Ashes We Rise
-Monsters Of New Haven High
-Children Of The Gods
-The Seven Heirs of Ophaesia
-A Drop of Night
-This Blood of Mine
-The Rightful Heir
I assume all this WIP are dead because of the lack of the updates recently.
(English is not my main language so i hope you all understand any grammatical error)


Children of the Gods is being re-written :grin:

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Sorry I didn’t know, thanks for the information knowing that the story is being re-written makes me quite happy :smiley:

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You don’t have to apologise! :stuck_out_tongue: I really loved the old demo so I’m just happy the game is not totally dead

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Seven Heirs is also not dead! :slight_smile: Fawkes’ blog for it is here!


Their was this one game you got to play as a ghost and you had a few powers and you were also able to make your own pocket worlds. Sorry if its real vague it was along time ago.

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@Koda222 Could it have been this game? Afterlife (WIP)


Omg! Yess :sob::sob: wow i was so into that game​:heart: thank you


From the official Children of the Gods Tumblr posts, the game will be coming back with a new rewrite soon! Doesn’t say when but soon. Also said that the old demo link will still be up when it eventually comes back.


a new rewrite? does that means that fish daddy and Hades are back in the plate?


No, pretty sure it’s only Zeus

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Only Zeus! Awww out of all the Greek gods he’s my least favourite. Cuz reasons!

@Logan3000x do you feel robbed as well?


That makes more sense than it doesn’t given there was about a 75% chance Zeus was your father in ancient Greece anyway :smile:


I read that as accident Greece :sweat_smile: