This Blood of Mine (WIP) Last Updated May 3



I’m back.

So I finally decided to work my lazy ass. So here it is! A brand new story. I will be updating this project until I finish chapter 1. I’ll just pray that I won’t suffer a painful headache this time. :wink:


In a world where there are red blood and blue blood, fighting over for centuries. You, however, have violet blood, the proof that your parents were of different blood.

You play as a young villager who has yet to reach adulthood, with a terrible secret that you must hide from other people no matter what.


  • Little mini games that will add and test your stats.
  • Relationship are very important here.
  • A lot of intrigue.
  • Be ready to be a spy for the kingdom you’ll choose.
  • 6 romance options.



(The characters here are the important people introduced so far. More characters will be introduced in the future)

Maria - Your mother. She has lived in the village for all her life.

Clyde - One of your friends. A rascal boy who loves risky adventures.

Alyssa - The village chief’s daughter. A sweet and kind girl.

Demo: This Blood of Mine

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  • Clyde
  • Alyssa
  • Still waiting for a good RO to come.

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But the question is; did you lawfully earned it?


And bad label error when trying to hang clothes on another tree


Yup, you get an error when you choose to read a book when waiting for your friends and one when you choose to hang your clothes to the distant tree


Clyde is super-cute. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Can he be romanced by guys?

In terms of actual comments, I feel that the opening pages are a bit too expositiony. Most of what’s told there could happen when the MC is thinking about their own blood a few pages later, in a far more natural place.

Also, I did notice a few places where you slip into the past tense. This is very easy to do, but it pays to be on the lookout for such occurrences.


So far I enjoy it, but you get an error message when you say it’s just water on the part where you meet Clyde


I like it so far, Madame Chaos!

Possible bug?



Like @nickm, I’m also getting an error when I play with Clyde: ‘nonexistent variable cylde.’ Might want to check for typos in the variables.


There is a bug when you choose to read books.
It says: non-existent variable selectable if


I’m pretty sure that there is a manga with that plot.
It’s called Seiketsu no Haguruma.


I have to ask: why are the mc’s clothes hanging on the tree without being removed in the first place?


They are Clyde’s clothes although Alyssa always says that we are both naked even if you dodge him either a coding error or continuity


Nice story so far. :grinning:




Hey Sophia!! Glad to see you back, gracing our lowly thread with your everlasting creativity and awesomeness nobody can match! Just hope you stay a lil while longer this time xDD


Glad to see ya back!!! I can see there’s some love-triangle going on~ Cant wait for your next update!!! :heartbeat:


All the reported bugs have been fixed. (Hopefully)

You can now read the books you bought from the shop.


I haven’t done anything evil in the story yet. :wink:


That we know of… yet…


Not really :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Like others, there no part where it’s mentioned MC strip his/her clothes. I don’t even have choice to whatever keep it on or not, unlike if we choose to play along. I choose “It’s just water” choice.

There’s two “happened”.

Love the job activity part, certainly nice touch. Will look forward to what happen next.