This Blood of Mine (WIP) Last Updated May 3

And the devilish grammar correcter has come to torture my mind, I might lose my sanity. :thinking:


I don’t really want to sound too one track minded here, but is Clyde romanceable by guys? It’s kinda important to me to know.


There are only two straight characters in the story; Clyde and the Cerlean King.


Seriously? That kinda sucks. I’d certainly recommend that you reconsider, especially given how few ROs there are going to be.


Few ROs? Hm… But there are 6 ROs in the story…

Which is three per gender, and if gay guys can’t romance one of them, we only get two. So, yeah. That’s “few”. And even so, I’d always recommend that the “childhood best friend” type character be bi, as he’ll probably be one of the more popular potential ROs.


Hmm… good point. Unfortunately, I really can’t change Clyde’s preference. The person whom I based Clyde on is straight and I tend to make my characters as real as possible. I may, however, change the Cerlean King’s preference and just make one of the female ROs straight.


There’s nothing “unreal” about being interested in other guys… :confounded: He can still be exactly the same character without being straight. If you just make them all bi, it’ll be easier for you to write, and more fun for your players.


Alright, Mr. Parrot. Good thing I love parrots. I’ll consider it. :slight_smile:


Thank you. :smile: Good luck with the game.


“The Red Bloods. They were the first men to roam Argia, the land boasting ample resources and tranquility.”

Just curious , in the beginning there were only men ? and then the Blue Bloods arrived, who were also men ? Is the story intended that there were only men living in Argia in the beginning ? :slight_smile:

Men also mean people in English


I already love Clyde but imma wait and see if the other ROs give him a run for his money heh

soooo I got hit with this bug after unsuccessfully attempting to dodge Clyde, laughing with him, and then asking him if I could borrow his clothes. (I play as female, btw.)

I ended up just reading the code. So far the story looks good! Can’t wait to see what’s in store!


So the MC can only borrow Clyde’s clothes if they were a lovely girl :joy: ouch that hurts
Plz don’t tell me Clyde will be the RO for female MC only. He’s really cute. Hope he can be romanced by both genders.


He’s a gentleman. :wink:

I’m considering having all the ROs bi, since Mr. Parrot convinced me with his wise words.


I bought the bug spray, but will kill those pesky bugs this Monday.


“Thank you,” she says weakly. Then she says the name she gave you



I see what you did there…even if others don’t, I am ever vigilant, madame chaos.

[Compliment Alyssa]

Clyde watches you intensely without saying a word.

…is this the part where I change my name into Marxus?

Onto a more serious note, I wonder why Laven are considered abomination by the others? It’s just the colour of your blood, right? Unless each colour has its own special attribute, I don’t see how it could be used as ground for discrimination. Looking forward to the explanation.

Finally, prediction time!

If I can read you correctly, your evilness, you’re going to make us bleed infront of everyone, aren’t you? Infront of Clyde, infront of Alyssa, somewhere everyone would see, on a day that is significant for you and/or the whole village. You’re going to force us into exile, aren’t you? And since mom isn’t in the relationship bar, she’s going to get lynched by the others (or straight up assassinated) for being a ‘traitor’, isn’t she?

Ahh…delicious as always, dear goddess.


i will offer you my soul in exchange for all the ROs being bi
also i really love this so far! excellent writing as always!!


He’s a gentleman

Indeed. He still gives male MC his clothes if they keep their wet clothes. I like that. It shows that Clyde cares about other people. I think that scene (Clyde refused then lent his garments to male MC) should be kept whether Clyde is bi or not. The other reason is, in my opinion, if the MC is a boy they shouldn’t be treated like a girl. Clyde could give them his garments if they insist, but if they can take care of themselve, they should do that.


I thought he has a crush on Alyssa though? Considering how he reacted when she came

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