(WIP) Blood to Bone: Updated 10/1/2024

Blood to Bone [demo and more updated game]
story rich adventure interactive novel and text based - themed royalty, with romance!

The walls of the palace crumble and flames engulf everything in sight. You manage to escape the chaos, but your twin sister is missing. Desperate and determined, you make a solemn vow to find her at any cost. But as you dig deeper into the truth behind her disappearance, you uncover dark secrets and twisted betrayals that threaten to shatter everything you’ve ever known. Will the truth be too much to bear?

This is my first game! Estimated to be 18K words for the full version, and 16K for the demo. Please go check it out!

Feel free to leave feedback and reviews. It really does help me improve my game. As of now, I’m trying to learn how to add an ‘affection bar’ of some sorts. Enjoy the game!

Key features

  • customizable main character (gender, pronouns, appearance)
  • make choices that will determine what kind of ruler you’ll be- will you be a fair and just ruler, or a tyrant?
  • build your relationship with different characters- romancable and nonromancable ones!
  • develop a blossoming romance with specific characters- will you have your happy ever after, or get your heart stomped to a billion million pieces?
Game Overview

You play as the heir to the throne. Loved and cherished, you are next in line to inherit the throne from your doting parents. As years go by, your relationship with your twin sister slowly frays, until one fateful night when you are confronted with malice and hatred from your own blood and bone. When the palace falls, and your twin cannot be found, you are whisked away- the sole member of the royal family. When mysteries, betrayals and stories are uncovered, as the crown weights heavily on your head, choices, loyalties and lives placed into your own hand, you must decide what to do next. Will you fall under the turbulent tides of the burdensome crown, or will you rise above the challenges and lead your kingdom to victory?

Romancable Characters

Lieutenant Blanche: a lieutenant in the royal army, known for his ruthlessness and skill on the battlefield. Tall and broad-shouldered, with icy eyes that freeze you to the bone, he is cold and stoic- even to you, the princess herself. Detached from anything and everything, you can’t help but wonder if it’s possible to befriend him- and dare to hope, maybe become more?

Lieutenant Carnell: your loyal lieutenant with his ruffled chestnut hair, his smile full of warmth that strips away all your negative thoughts. Tanned golden skin and vibrant brown eyes might just make your heart skip a beat. But when his smile drops, when his eyes dull, you can’t help but think he’s hiding something behind all that laughter. Can you teach him to confront his own past, or will you simply leave him be?

Private Kingsley: tall, dark and handsome. The raven haired soldier is charismatic, charming and always has a mischievous glint in his eye. Full of fierce determination, challenging his superiors often has deemed him to be a ‘troublemaker’. Confident and rebellious and always up to no good, you can’t help but be drawn to him. Fueled by his fiery ambition, you know he would sacrifice anything to be lieutenant- even you. Will you be able to tone down his ambition, or will it destroy you instead?


update 1.1 - 28/12/23. more content
update 1.2 - 30/12/23. created browser play demo
update 1.3 - 2/1/24. more content + customizable mc (gender, appearance, pronouns)
update 1.4 - 3/1/24. more content + bug fix
update 1.5 - 6/1/24. more content + bug fix
update 1.6 - 10/1/24. more content

Future Plans

An affection bar to show the closeness between you and the character. Falling below a specific amount will lead you to be unable to access certain choices.

Gender choice romance characters. You can choose which gender for romancable characters.

Development on the backstory of each character to be explored in future content.


why does it say ‘Gender choice’ then say ‘You play as a Princess’? Usually that mean ‘Gender Locked Female’. Since all romances seem to be dudes.


I really like plot description but if there is a gender lock as woman, it’s not for me :v


I’ve tried the game and it is clearly written for female MC (with set personality, set feelings towards the sister and set attraction towards all this dudes at once), why bother with option to choose gender. I can’t imagine young adult prince who is teached and dressed up by maids etc. Later game stops pretending and just calls you a princess.

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Ah, damn :face_with_diagonal_mouth: Thanks for the info.

hi! i’m trying to work on making those characters gender optional. just need to learn how to code it out since i have no experience with that. was thinking of making more characters but i don’t want it to be too romance filled. thanks

can you tell me where that error comes into play? i must’ve accidentally skimmed over it- thanks!

thanks for the feedback. im trying to expand the content more since ive been focused on extending the story instead of developing it.

just realised the typo in the description- will change that

Do you mean the romance? You want those to have their gender switchable?

Maybe you should specify that in your description then. Because as it is, it is very confusing.

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just specified that with a new section added. thanks for the feedback :]

it was originally written as gender lock woman when i didn’t know how to code at all. for now, the interactions in the content are still more woman leant as I extended the storyline more than developing previous scenes. i’ll probably work on development more in the future, and a new section was just added in the desc. plot will also focus more on action and drama scenes. thanks for the feedback :]!

Great start :slight_smile: I can see from your writing that you’re more comfortable having a female MC in mind so if it’s your first game please consider gender-locking and just focus on interactivity, plot choices, and consequences. My personal opinion is that those three are more important than having wider customization options.


thank you for the feedback! it was originally gender locked. i’ll probably redo some paragraphs to make it more inclusive. :]

MC is called a princess a lot after the escape from the palace. Well, MC and other characters behave like MC is a stereotypical princess anyway. Maybe it’s better to just write gender-locked game.

I like that MC was brought up as a heir and I’d like to explore this story but since I don’t like MC’s character (and player has no control over MC’s personality and reactions) and also I can’t actually play as a prince (only nominally), I’ll pass.

Some errors I've noticed

Running your hands through your (hair colour): fill the blank. Maybe it should be "
Running your hands through your fill the blank hair." otherwise the sentence becomes “Running your hands through your (hair colour): black.”?

When I choose Lieutenant Carnell to lead the searching party game says that I’ve chosen that rude dude instead

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thanks for the feedback :] ill work on fixing those errors when i can, and developing the story to be more inclusive.

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I suggest including pronoun presets (he/she/they) :wink: not everyone’s ready for a grammar quiz when opening a game. There are couple of ready examples of these presets if you look at say, Speaker or most Twine IFs which don’t hate their players.

Btw. you realize this is a forum for choicescript WIPs? Quite ballsy :sunglasses:

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didn’t realize it was a forum for choicescript WIPS omg :sob: last time i posted it was simply moved to here so i assumed.

im really new to coding and have no experience at all, so im not sure how to do the pronoun presets. i’ll learn though by watching videos on youtube like i was doing. thanks for the feedback :]

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