Monsters of New Haven High - last update 4/02
Note: This game contains violence, non-explicit sexual content, and some profanity. Readers who are younger or dislike sexual scenes, be advised that the demon path in particular includes adult content.

Main characters (with default names/genders):
Benny the Goblin (Male)
Carl the Werewolf (Male)
Chantal/Caleb the Succubus/Incubus/'Cubus (Polygendered, changes appearance from male to female)
Victoria the Vampire (Female)
Wendy the Wendigo (Female)
Taylor the Human (Female/GQ)
Artemis & Hunter (Female & male twins, human)
Sandy the Harpy (Female)

Update - 5/06/16
After a long hiatus, welcome back to New Haven, and a new version of the WIP demo. I’ve gotten seriously back to work, so expect more updates every week or so.

New/updated in this version:

Morning of Day 2 - just released, including a sinister development in first period. Will you investigate, or is High School already too overwhelming?
MonsterNet - the internet by and for monsters, updates with new articles each in-game day (introduced Day 2.)
GPA calculation - check your GPA from the stat screen (opportunities to earn grades on Day 1 still being coded.)
Monster Codex - as you meet monsters or hear them mentioned, they get an entry off of the stat screen with more details.
Locker room scene - added to Day 1 gym. Trans or non-binary characters will experience the most differences through the “uncomfortable part of your day” option; the “reserved” option focuses on species differences.
Edits, etc. - Minor changes and updates to distinguish the species and clarify what each can do.

In progress:

  • Day 2 is ongoing
  • A few missing scenes (most are marked in advance)
  • Aromantic/asexual coding midway through implementation

Update - 4/25/15
Game progress:
676 kb of writing and code (after streamlining much coding with the edit.)

Uploaded a major edit of Day 1, including new coding, new scenes, and new options.

Notable changes:
Updated gender/orientation/presentation coding, with more options in character creation (has some effects as of Day 1, e.g. choice of swimsuit in gym.)
More conversations with characters and opportunities to make plans with some
Expanded home life sections for everyone (werewolf has only minor additions, goblin has a new experiment to work on, wendigo has more options for their day off; vampire and demon are not finished but new scenes have been added.)
The fight with Artemis or Hunter in sixth period is finished, with different options and outcomes by species. There’s about ten pages of code there, enjoy!
The first “Bad End” (the game ending early and unfortunately for your character, following a certain series of choices) has been written in. See if you can find it! (Hint: This first one is only for the wendigo.)

Still missing from Day 1:
Some of the lunch conversations (those that were missing before.)
Part of the nightlife scenes for demons or vampires, if they go out to a bar or club after school.
Place markers have been added for two new scenes in progress- a conversation with Wendy if you previously bonded with her at lunch, and a locker room scene at the beginning of gym.

Update - 2/2/15
First day of school (including most periods) added. Will update soon with the first day of home life after school, and the rest of the first day’s classes.

Update - 1/28/15
Character creation scene is finished.

I plan to release the next demo update this weekend. It will cover most of the first day of school and the monsters’ home life after school. I’ll probably also post a few random scenes I’ve finished so I can get some feedback on those.

Thanks for the love and feedback! You are all awesome.

Intro post - 1/23/15
Hi everyone. I’m working on my first game in ChoiceScript, a supernatural urban fantasy (fantasy/realistic fiction) with some humorous elements. The working title is “Monster High”. You’ll be able to play one of five different monsters who are going to (a mostly human) high school together. I’ve also planned a sixth monster class to be released later as an update or as download content (if this works well I could potentially add even more over time.)

I have written text adventures and done basic coding before, so it’s progressing really well. I have about 50 pages written and 20 pages scripted well enough to test, and have figured out almost all of the more difficult coding (the stats screen, startup file, character creation functions, and how to make my scenes display the way I want.)

The five starting monster classes are:

  • Vampire - Rich, can control people by feeding from them, some physical gifts
  • Werewolf - Loyal to their pack, athletic, strong, can shapeshift
  • Demon (Succubus/Incubus) - All about romance, has mind-controlled lovers who serve and protect her/him/them; can also change features
    *The Misunderstood Goblin (May change species name to some similar creature) - Clever, mechanically gifted, hard to kill, natural mediator
    *Wendigo - Fast, can grow sharp teeth and claws, must eat human flesh to survive

There are currently five romance options planned (one from each species you are not currently playing, plus a human - this would go up to six if a sixth class is introduced.) You will be able to select your gender (Male/Female/It’s Complicated) and sexual orientation (Straight/Gay/Bi/Asexual), which would change all potential romance options to your gender of choice (or if bisexual/asexual there are defaults for each, split evenly gender-wise.)

Update - the five monster characters will have default genders if they are NPCs, two human options will switch to their opposite gender version if that is the player’s preference, and the demon character can change their physical presentation from male to female (again if that is what the player prefers.)

There is one major date with each (if you are pursuing them) plus plenty of other interactions. They will be altered if you are gay/bi vs. straight, how well your personality matches theirs, your relationship strength with them, etc.

There will be at least three main endings with variations. I am still designing the main “quest arc” of the game, which revolves around whether you prioritize yourself, your fellow monsters, or humans.


Sounds interesting, especially the range of monster races. I assume one element of the game is how we get on with humans and the like. Interested how you went with Wendigo instead of Zombie. I have a soft spot for the idea of a Goblin and Succubus getting together especially. The whole Beauty and the Beast thing I guess.


Awesome your mixing my two favorite things (in games anyway) :slight_smile:

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This sounds really cool I can’t wait to either play as a werewolf or a wendingo

Sounds really cool. BTW have you ever heard of Rosario Vampire?


Ooooh a wendingo! I haven’t seen them mentioned in a long while! That seems quite interesting to play, as does the concept.


Don’t mention that Harem filth.

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Exactly. I might have been able to accept a human being with a vampire and live, but for him to have the personality of cardboard? Not. In. My. House.


I abhor harems of any type and in any genre. And at least give the MC some redeemable qualities other then being able to say Moka back to his love interest after she says Tskune.


That was quite annoying. However, not all Harems are as terrible. Depending on how it develops the characters and has our protagonist make a decisive decision, it can be a very enjoyable experience. Though these gems are admittedly hard to find.


Currently, you can date up to three different characters at the same time. Managing more than one boyfriend/girlfriend at once will be more time-consuming, complicated, and might end up with one or more of them dumping/hating you (kind of like real life.) When you get more serious about them, some will be okay with non-monogamy and others will demand a commitment (in which case, you will have to resolve the situation by breaking up with either the person asking for monogamy or the others.)

I am polyamorous in RL, so my notion of a “harem” is less “characters who exist for the protagonist to date/be cardboard around” and more “a bunch of characters, any of which might be dateable if they like you and all get along, who are busy doing other stuff when you’re not on dates on them.”

And yes, I have seen Rosario + Vampire. I thought it was cute at times but had a ton of problems; no, I don’t think my game is very similar to that except for both having monsters. :stuck_out_tongue:


this is interesting i’m keeping my eye on this hope to see a demo soon I can’t wait to be a wendigo. also will you be able to choose what skin, eyes and hair colour your character has


So Wendigo sound like ghouls without strength and special powers.
And for Vampires what physical gifts?

Oooh I like this idea. Looking forward to playing as a Vampire and Succubus :smile:


Always happy to have a chance to play as a werewolf. Looking forward for updates :3

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That sounds intresting. I’m looking forward to beta tests.

Vampires are a little stronger, faster and more graceful than humans (they have an edge over humans but aren’t as strong as werewolves or as fast as wendigo or… you get the picture.) By the way, my vampire as planned is 18 (in appearance and actual age) and not a very good vampire.

The wendigo is well-suited to combat. (Note to self: A werewolf/wendigo match-up will have to happen at some point.) Physically, they’re a human of slim, unimposing appearance who can become a blur of needle teeth and razor claws. My wendigo is massively underfed and can manifest other abilities later in the game, if they decide to expand their feeding.


As of now, there is a basic default appearance for each of the five main monster characters (skin and hair color, racial makeup.) That also applies to whichever one you decide to play. The exception is the demon, who can choose whatever appearance they prefer from a list of options. You’ll then get to choose gender and personal style.

I may or may not expand appearance options if there’s more interest in them. I am seriously considering making every non-player character a set gender, and letting people who aren’t interested in dating that gender skip those romance options/date storylines if they want. (@Elfwine made a good case for that here - Surviving High School: Freshman Year (WIP))


This sounds interesting, particularly the choice of supporting your own species, other types of monsters, or humans. I assume humans don’t attend the school?

Your school is a fairly regular high school, except for some of the students being monsters. All monsters have a human form they assume for the sake of school (it’s easier for some than others.) There is a reason why there are so many monsters in an otherwise human town, but it remains a mystery for most of the game.