Any supernatural romance games available?


Either one of the game apps or on the forums to play?? Really love the supernatural parts


Sounds to me like Monsters of New Haven High might be up your alley. Note that it’s still a work in progress.


Psy High is published and has a demo available in the Choice Of library.


Vampire house ( if I remember the name correctly which I am not sure of ) - a published game


There’s also [The Wayhaven Chronicles] (The Wayhaven Chronicles: Book One (WIP)- Cover reveal on post 2338!). It’s supernatural and especially has a focus on romance. Seraphinite says so in the first post.


Unnatural has a female werewolf to romance and you’re supernatural yourself


There’s also a fae character in UnNatural, and other supernatural-related characters, though they may not be supernatural themselves. The main plot isn’t romance, but there are the romance subplots.