Oh, oooooh man.
I’ve been trying to romance Victor for hours ok, I’ve replayed Unnatural countless times, and slowly evolving into the biggest douche in S T R- well excluding Sir.Lovequest over there- to get him to fall for me.
It’s not working,
I thought it was just me being rly sucky, but I’ve done 2 things that atleast got me a 5% approval w/ him beforehand, I stopped talking when he asked an all of the good stuff, but it never goes above 5%- I even followed that little romance guide I saw because I got desperate, and it still didn’t work, RIP.
His refusal of my loins is paining me because I wanna know about him so BAD, please save me, omg.


Following the romance guide should work (I’ve got that romance I don’t know how many times already. With a female character. Don’t know if that makes a difference.) Oh, and you don’t need to be a douche to get him. Just make sure you know your stuff about vampires and act positive towards his hobby/obsession (which is hunting vampires.) And try to take him on every mission you possibly can, just in case. Hope this helps.

Hi, yes, you must have a female character, it doesn’t work otherwise.

He’s refusing my friendship because of my lack of boobs, god dammit victor.


My feeling exactly XD

Didn’t @Nocturnal_Stillness say he was an option for guys too?
UnNatural - A supernatural horror game - editing complete nonbinary readers needed for nonbinary MC path beta test? The romance guide doesn’t mention any gender requirements either. There was also a post saying there are 3 m/m options in game. UnNatural - A supernatural horror game - editing complete nonbinary readers needed for nonbinary MC path beta test? Not really another character available to be the third with Austin being straight.

I’ll have to double check the code. I think he used to be straight then I made him bi.

When I played the game, I followed the romance guide, and it is only with a female character that the romance became available, that’s why I supposed that you needed a female MC^^

Thanks I’ll definitely double check the requirements.

Glad to help^^ I hope that it wasn’t coming from me :smiley:

I found the issue. Victor is supposed to be available to both but male players miss out on a crucial early scene in S.O.S. i.e when he kisses you. I’ll get it fixed.




What is this Romance Guide you speak of?

I second to that (20 characters)


Whew, Thank you for that.

So I hope I’m not ‘reviving the dead’ here but I do have a question related to the romances in Unnatural S1. I tried to romance Scarlet and I used the romance guide but nothing happens. I did everything the guide said to do but after the end of episode 5 I return home to stay with aunt and uncle. When I picked Denise’s and Craig/Sarah’s route everything worked just fine, but for some reason Scarlet’s route doesn’t start.

I followed this path:

Episode Three
Choose “Creepy Statues” as one of your two cases.

Episode Five
For your first case choose either “Trouble with Fae” or “7500” picking Scarlet as your partner.
Next choose “Between a rock and a hard place” with Scarlet as your partner again.
When given the chance to talk to her choose [Ask Scarlet to spar with you] (requires physical >59) My physical was 63.
Her Romance scene will start after your second case.

It doesn’t.

An alternative option is to get the cqc variable (by either watching the Kendo team in Washington College in Episode Two or training with your knife in Episode Four).
This allows you to do “Between a rock and a hard place” first picking Scarlet as a partner and
choosing to spar with her.

I tried this too but still nothing, I return home during my break.

Any and all help is appreciated :slight_smile:

I’ve been meaning to update the guide. There are a few more steps now. Im stuck at work atm but will update it later tonight when I’m back home.

The way I did it was I chose Scar for the first case and chose Rock and a hard place. Spar with her and finish the case and your relationship bar should be above 60

:sob: I don’t understand what I’m doing wrong. I got this game specifically so I could romance Victor and it just isn’t happening. I followed the guide, and tried a few different paths and when chapter 5 comes nothing happens. Are there anymore specific things I should be doing than what’s in the guide?